The lastessht ly watched Movie reviews

Foreword Its definitely treason to write an abrupt review post , thus, breaking the continuity of perhaps the most controversial and lethal story of my blog!

But nonetheless it is a planned gimmick to reduce the heavy duty effect of thy minds (jafter reading the prologue,i.e, the last post πŸ™‚ )

Aha ! So I am back in Jokaland. The 1 week in Hyderabad helped me catch up with rather most of the movies and so here goes a trilingual review routine … (pardon me for being a bit outdated … esp in the gult movies)



English meaning: The Ritual

Remake of the fantastic Englsh crime story, The departed . J.D.Chakravarthy, the director was the villain (Matt Damon’s role) .And personal opinion wise, he did a decent job when compared to other screwed up remakes of good english movies.

Strengths: The complexity of the english movie simplified to suit the Indian masses and their mentalities.

Weakness: No significant weaknesses

Abbulu’s take: Liked the movie. Heroine is insanely hot.


English meaning: Cunning fellow

A very cliche movie.Nothing new.

Strengths: No real strengths . Time pass fare

Weakness: Cliche’ plot

Abbulu’s take : songs are good,only if you are watching the videos πŸ™‚

English meaning: Useless fellow

Being a fan of the hero Ravi Teja, had high expectations on this one but more than a tad disappointing and boring.As the title says, totally useless movie.

Strengths: The masses wil go only to see the heroine,her jatkas & matkas (Shucks! Thats whey they say everyone is a tharki inside)

Weakness: Shitty.Maker’s Wrong assumption that a skimpily clad heroine with a hot body will take the movie beyond the 1-week mark in theaters.


English meaning: The Run

See the title! You know I will like this one πŸ˜‰ Anyway yes! Though I did get bored here and there, I like the movie and the concept.

Strength: The message. And a lil’ bit of pride for Chiranjeevi fans as this story is inspired fromt eh real lives of Chiru and his daughter.Basically the movie conveys: “If the girl’s father doesn’t like the boy friend, then all that the dude has to do is sacrifice his love so that the girl’s father s impressed with his sacrifice and himself gives away the girl to the dude”

Weakness: City audience might find it boring in some parts. Apart from that , contrast with reality lies in the following statement: Girl’s cunning opportunist of a father is not an idiot .He will happily accept the sacrifice.Maybe he would buy you a chocolate and give the girl away to a bridegroom with a 10 crore family wealth instead.

Abbulu’s take: Nice movie.Songs are good.Both the audio and video πŸ™‚


Rock On

Dil Chahta Hain meets School of Rock. Brilliantly contrived idea, for an Indian cinema.

Strength: Excellent acting (most of them) Novel contemporary concept

Weakness: Bad lyrics. Music was Okay but I would have expected it to be awesome, for a movie carrying such a fantastic idea.Also background score of the movie should have been even more frequent (I am referring to the heavy strumming of the electric guitar whenever Farhan Akhtar’s character recollects his Magik-past)

Abbulu’s take: When the character KD (stands for Killer Drummer) dances along to Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive” number to woo his girl, I knew that was one hell of an amusing scene!

Kismat Konnection

Pop corn fare

Strength : Shahid Kapoor ! Shah rukh khan in the making. Now no matter how much certain self-proclaimed-cinematic-intellectuals crib and bitch about SRK, those kind of roles always seem to hit the right spot , with the audience.Of course the plot would be incredibly amusing to teenagers and kids though.

Weakness: Vidya Balan !!!! Looks old.Looks extremely fat.Totally out of place.One look at the fat lady in a tight red dress.The next second I got thrashed by Venni for almost puking on her pop-corn 😦 (again !!)


Remake of Exorcist with some Indian black magic put in. Nothing great.

Strength: Ultimate camera work.The Child actor’s acting is awesome.

Weakness: As far as fear-induction is concerned, those who are 8 yr olds and who didn’t see The Exorcist might get scared πŸ˜‰

Abbulu’s take : Definitely a miss unless you are at a posh multiplex watching a late night show with a girl πŸ˜›

Mission Istanbul

Movie on the truth behind news channels covering inside stories on terrorism. Doubt the authenticity of it all though.

Strength: Very stylish fare with slick dialogues and good songs. Best are Apun Ke Saath (for boys) and Jo Gumshudaa (for girls)

Weakness: Tends to get a little boring before Vivek Oberoi takes over the film’s pace towards the second half.

Abbulu’s Take: “Darr ke aage jeet” goes the slogan for the movie. I guess the darr (fear) is of surviving the first half.Then the second half’s decent for action lovers.

Singh is KKing

The movie of sardars (all meanings included πŸ™‚ )

Strengths: Akshay Kumar’s comedy and hot women prowling around.Not to mention some of the most foot tapping songs.And a typical masala movie. Yet the first of its kind thanks to the Sardar touch

Weakness: Old wine in a new bottle.But the characters being Sardars, seemingly doesn’t make you think that you are watching the same old Bollywood stuff again.

Abbulu’s take: Honestly speaking, I did enjoy it.But that doesn’t take away the fact that I was expecting a bit more than what I saw.

Ugly aur Pagli

Re make of “my sassy girl”

Strengths: A few comic capers here and there

Weakness: Too many to mention.How is bullshit, mish-mash, Sherawat-acting sucks for starters ?!?!

Abbulu’s take: Miss it!Watch sassy girl with english subtitles on a DvD. That’s much better.Or rather, give that a miss too because the englsh re-make might come up soon someday.Or if you incline even more to my opinion, forget it all, go visit the loo with a newspaper instead !!!


A countless movies have been deliriously watched in English too.That I leave to another day since the post is already morbidly long.


ps: So now lets get back to my story, “The Last COnversation”

3 responses to “The lastessht ly watched Movie reviews

  1. you should have posted the english reviews too

    the only filum i have seen is kismat …. decent

  2. Wow.. Some marathon movie watching you did!
    Nice reviews most of them though πŸ™‚

  3. You forget C KKompany which you went to see in Kolkata …or rather, I guess you are mentioning you saw in Hyd only

    Anyway nice stuff ,.short and crisp πŸ™‚

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