“The Last Conversation” Episode 2: Answers and Justifications

(continued from the last post ,i.e., “The Last Conversation”: Episode 1: Flawless)

Recap of last episode: Vikram.H.Saha was a prodigy of a business man, the charismatic boss of the *Diagnol Group Of Companies* .He was visited in his office by Mr.Raghavan, an old junior college lecturer of Vikram .Raghavan had changed into an inhumanly form since Vikram saw him last. Vikram vaguely remembered his teacher hating him.Anyway Mr.Raghavan seemed to know something about Vikram which the readers didn’t know yet.

Episode 2

And so he said, this mysterious and imposing Mr.Raghavan,

“So you think you are happy with her huh Vicky ?”

“What are you talking about, Raghavan sir !”

“Let me re phrase son! Are you personally happy ?”

“Yes I am. I am considered a wizard among business leaders.A son and an infant daughter who are wonderful kids.The boy studies even better than I used to.”

“You never did study that well.” intervened Raghavan with an overweeningly convincing tone.

“What do you mean?” It was coming out … the twelve year old antipathy!

“Mr.Raghavan.I was just going through a bad patch then in 12th.And thanks to your insensitive, irresponsible treatment & jeopardization of me, I was effected pretty bad.But then, I did recover.I literally, you see , ROCKED !”

Raghavan smiled.Vicky noticed that Raghavan had no eye brows! Vikram thought that perhaps along with his hair his eye brows too fell with age.But how to explain that pale white complexion of the man, almost like …like a dead rotting body. And also, that red lipstick.Or wait! Was that lipstick or his natural colour ???

“Who cares ?? ” He yelled at himself internally.

“And your wife! The beautiful Mrs.Hema! You didnt even mention her in your justification ?!” Thus saying the Raghavan character broke through Vikram’s thoughts.

“I love her.But how do you even know her ? I met her long after I got out of that college where you used to teach. Wonderful girl she was.I loved her. We had been through a lot of problems together and that made our bonding stronger. We are both like part of the same being if you know what that means. She is the primary source of all my happiness”

“Ha ha ha” laughed Mr.Raghavan. “For long you have hidden your fears, your insecurities, your frustrations my child!”

His laughter, the sudden alacrity of his body language and the abrupt diabolical tone with which he said these words caused the receptionist to touch the building’s security hot-line. With a wave of the hand, Vikram gestured to her through the glass wall of his chamber, not to call security.

“Look mister!” said the Biz-lord.”Lets get it straight! I am a grown up man now, in fact, someone who’s considered much better, more resilient and capable than most other men.You are not talking to a stupid scared boy anymore.If its financial help you want, ask! Don’t act too smart with me, old timer ! ”

” He he” ..the grin was satanic.It sent a chill down Vikram’s spine.The Biz lord was turning into that lil’ scared Vicky in this seemingly evil presence. “Well my child!” said Raghavan. “I know that you have been having problems with Hema, ever since you started seeing her many years ago. You used to suffer from anxieties since the day you met her.Something which only you knew. You were a shy introvert before. And initially, when this girl suddenly started showing interest in you, you innocently felt like she was your path to salvation,your panacea to happiness. ”

The old scary man continued, “But you both had problems.Or rather, you had problems while outside you pretend like everything’s fine.Both to the outside world and to yourself.Details, I wont specify. I would like you to own up rather than me say it. But you always had the fear since the last ten years that her apparent love towards you is not as big or emotionally involved or unconditional as your love for her, isn’t that true? ”

The last three words were said softly, yet with such intensity,such subtle authority,not to mention that metallic rasp !! It made Vicky feel like the sky is crashing down on him! Such things the old man was saying, things that Vikram would even kill himself to prevent such thoughts from coming up.

Vikram said, “Look ol’ timer! Enough!” He was sweating inspite of the Air conditioner being in the turbo-cooling mode! “You better get out of here before I call security”

“Listen child!” the old man sounded a little more excited now. “Do you want your real thoughts to come out of their forced prison? Well! I have an incentive for you! ”

Vikram impulsively, stupidly said “What ? ”

“Wel! The Society of the Wishing Deaths ! We can kill a person just by wishing him to be dead” the old man said as he rubbed his hands in glee.


(to be continued in the next post…)


Episode end comedy with Pic of the day

The making

Michael Phelps: The making

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