“The Last Conversation” – Episode 5: The end

(continued from the previous post, Episode 4: The onslaught of the inner most voice)

The story so far : Vikram H Saha was a successful business leader. A prodigy.He was one day visited by an old lecturer Mr.Raghavan who introduced to him the “The Society of the Wishing Deaths”.Where you simply joined a society and collectively with all its members, wished a person dead. And it was claimed to be a working thing. Simultaneously, the oddity of a conversation provoked him to confide in Raghavan his deeply-rooted frustration and fears about his married life and wife, Hema. And towards the end of the last episode, Vikram wanted to join the society to see Hema dead …

And then …

Episode 5

“So you want her dead ? ” asked Raghavan, never ceasing to rub his hands in anticipation.

“Yes sir ! Tell me what to do to join the society ! And I want the process of death-wishing to start right away” Vikram said, his mind seeming to be in chaos yet driven by an absolute, singular, scary, surety.And his mind started drifting …

She was there at the carnival, passing time with her friends. He called her, asking where she was.”I am at the carnival.But don’t you dare come here. Sit in your room.” It was murderous, the feeling then.Her friends and everyone else at the carnival knew about their affair anyway. But she just didn’t want people to see.

There was another time when she called him up before an important examination and said, “Not anymore Vicky I want to end it.I can’t take the emotional strain of a relationship.I know I started it but I can’t take it anymore.”

“But what did I do wrong ? I always looked after you, cared for you and what not.Tell me if there’s a problem. Don’t kill me”

“No! I have to kill you for my convenience”

It killed him that gamut of words she used.But he just kept quiet.And a few days later she was back with him because she supposedly was in a better mood.

It hurt him whenever he talked to her …a feeling that felt like Hulk Hogan was twisting his intestines from within. But he suppressed it.Why ? Because he loved her. All he wanted in return was her love, a love which she manipulated him into believing, existed”

And then Raghavan said , “Hmm … how much would you part with to have this done ?”

“Huh ? I will join your cult ..err.. I mean ..society! Will give you a annual donation from the company’s profits!”

“Okay” said the ghostly old man and stood up.He shook his old student’s hand and started walking away.

Vikram knew the deal was struck.That probably he would receive a call later on, informing him that the wishing-process had begun.He should get the kids away from her both physically and emotionally.He had six months for that.Haha …the Biz-lord wins again !!!

And then suddenly his mind struck back to senses.

An image flashed.An image he saw everytime his life had a challenge. It was not God! It was not uncle or aunt or mom or dad.It was her.The first and only girl he ever loved or dared to love, his wife.It was that same picture he saw every day every second every breath … his last snapped picture of her when they were in undergrad college.Obliviously he sketched it in his mind , the background , the trees , the buildings , nothing came to mind , only that of her amidst a world of Zilch.”

the last picture

the last picture

“Perhaps she changed after so many years of my blind, selfless love.Why am I thinking of all these things now itself.I should give it more thought and not act on such stupid instincts.” He thought.And shouted …”Sir ! Raghavan Sir! Wait!”

At this, the walking, bald old man without eyebrows, with a pale deathly white complexion turned around and grinned, as if he was expecting it.

“My boy! I forgot to tell you.Your wife had already left your house after you left for office this morning, with your kids.Your wife being the joint custodian of the whole property, promised our society 50% stake in it to join our society and have you dead.”

And Raghavan, the raven, the harbinger of death, continued … “As per our policy of informing our targets, I should tell you that today is March 5th,2015.On exactly Sept 5th, 2015 you shall be dead by some accidental/ natural circumstances.Thank you and have a nice day.”

And he grabbed the coffee being brought in by the office boy and walked away.

—– THE END ——-

Finishing Verse

All these I do

Of which I am not too keen

But alas! It is placidly seen

Its always been you and me

But that Eternity in between !!

– An excerpt

14 responses to ““The Last Conversation” – Episode 5: The end

  1. Nice ending.

  2. quoting metallica “am i evil yes i am” πŸ˜‰

  3. In all likelihood, all that marketing dulled my sensitivities towards this story. I am not able to fully appreciate the shock value of the ending. Perhaps you should rethink about your marketing strategies.
    At least the permanent clients shouldn’t be disturbed πŸ™‚

  4. By ‘disturbed’, I meant ‘lured further’ πŸ™‚

  5. In the 8th standard at Niraj, this skinny little boy finally succeeded in beating his own cousin to the first rank.Then, he gave a sarcastic half-grin to her that was, to say the least, SINISTER! I visualized that same lil’ scene when I read your ending.

    Btw, V.V.Harish Baba ! I am goign to sue you for using my name in the story πŸ˜›

  6. A lesson for you Baba, the guy thinks he is wicked, until he realizes he’s been living with someone even more so, for all this time

  7. @ dan ‘n’ joka lad : πŸ˜€
    @ aniket: I told u its the story’s concept … analogously you are acting like the chap in the prologue … don’t fight it that much :)) πŸ˜‰
    @ hema: Hey! Welcome to the blog ! Been helluva long time since I heard from you
    @ doodle: Hmm what lesson do I not know from my own story …

  8. ghost runner ? want ur commenting name abbulu ?

  9. so its over??

  10. @Bhanu: πŸ™‚

    That comment forces me to ask it directly…. is there a sequel? πŸ˜›

  11. @ bhanu
    We would like it rests there kinda has a “bad-ass” (in the runner’s words) shcok value about it

    @ abbulu or ghost runner or whatever you want to call yourself
    Is this ending a kind of gender justice since your lprevious story had the evil GUY taking control! So its the girl’s turn this time .ROFLMAO
    I am dying to witness who wins the decider (your next sotry if you plan one)

  12. @ joka lad: In relation to the blog background, current theme and the contemporary jingoistic style of writing posts, I thought Ghost runner was more appropriate .. but how does it matter anyway πŸ™‚

    @ bhanu and dan: Its over for now I guess. But about the future I don’t know …

    @ Iommi Jr. : Yeah Pacification for the feminist side of the readers πŸ˜‰

  13. @abbulu: “Pacification for the feminist side of the readers”?
    Are you being commercial here? πŸ˜€

  14. No I am being dark πŸ˜‰ the girl screwing the chap though is ” ancient cliche’ ” still is more tenacious than the othr way round πŸ˜›

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