Grow your hair long before it falls off

Fear! The boy’s hair would be lost

I know for sure

Shucks! He no longer felt pure

He didn’t know whom to accost

Couldn’t get it back at any cost


Then one fine day

He heard the witty ones say

An advice so witty he couldn’t say nay!

“My lad! Let the hair on your head grow

Through the darkness, the light will flow 😛 !”


That exactly is the theme of this post. There is no constructive analysis here.Its just plain, straight and crude.As the title says, Grow your hair long at least once in life lest it might fall off someday.And you might never get a chance again.

Oh ..okay! Let me put the thoughts down in a more logical order.

As a child , I had a fetish for dippa cutting (as dad called it) otherwise known in non-colloquial usage as the summer hair-cut.Winter, monsoon or summer, it was always the proverbial summer cut when I go to the barber.

Then one fine day in the final year of my Engineering, my mom suddenly said, “Chinna! You are growing bald!”And then dad noticed and then ammamma and then little sister.

The first streak of hair right above the forehead had come off ! And that, from among the orthodox, annoying set of unabashed human assumptions, indicates the onset of a receding hair line. If you say it in the language of American football, the first yard had been cleared.

So I took the initiative to grow my hair long so that the hair from top of the skull grows long enough to cover the forehead.And people now, think that I am a super-haired chap (Please ! No obscene pun intended)

For the first time in my life, I have to pull my hair back when I wash my face.Though the act seems mundane and inarticulate … for me , its an amusing feeling! 😛

The epilogue:

Recent conversations with a certain doctor-aunt indicated that unlike good ol’ pa, my hair will intactly last for another half-century …muhahahah.Guess the long hair routine kept me spirited long enough so that I could hear this fantastic chunk of news ..cheers !! 🙂

**added later**    A pic of the hair right now

17 responses to “Grow your hair long before it falls off

  1. Why don’t you put up a pic of your hair 😀

  2. “…I am a super-haired chap (Please ! No obscene pun intended)…”

    😀 :))

  3. I suffer from gradual hair-fall too! A few of my attempts at keeping long hair ended in vain as it needs a lot of care and maintenance. 😦

  4. u grow it long … cut it short … in the end doesnt matter ..
    the hair that wants to liberate away from the scalp, will succeed anyway 😛

  5. @ karan, aniket, obelix
    soon soon 🙂

    @ abhishek:
    Correction! My hair didnt fall it as fear of it falling
    **prevention is better than cure ** 😛

    @ ug2k3
    hehe u shud see the movie “dont mess with the Zohan” for more such hairy jokes 😉

  6. oreyyyy dabbbaaaaaaa juttttttuuuu kattirinchukoraaaaaaa

  7. Why dont you write about your good boy’s avtar in your previous presentation ? 😉 And yeah put that photo too

  8. Photo pls…. !!!1

  9. @ venni:
    Public lo dabba ani pilavaku x(

    @ joka lad:
    yesterday’s build-up at class ? Hehe junta loved it right 😉 ?

    @ Bhanu:
    Having second thoughts … why dont u ask ur bf to grow his hair …muhahhah !!

  10. for once, just this once, your blog made sense 🙂

  11. Then welcome , lad ! To the age of reason, of clarity , of no-holds-barred stright forwardness 🙂 (didnt u notice the theme and all too changed in the blog)

    (to me) okay dont overdo it 😛 😉

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  13. I think your blog is marvelous I found it on Google. Definetely will return some day! Cheers, Margot

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