The Art of DP

I suddenly felt at 1100 hrs IST today … “God! I should have been in IIM-A !”

Now wait! Before you get your guns blazing about the huge number of possible implications of such a statement, before you start thinking that I consider IIM-A as WIMWI, before you think that one of the most hedonistic party animals in Joka thinks Jokaland sucks, before you attribute it to some of you assuming that an ex-gf ditched me because of no IIM-A, before you blah blah blah …………..

I would like to say that this is no such serious discussion !!! It is just a light hearted comment about IIM-A having marks for Class Participation (CP) a little more often than mera IIM-C!

How does it matter to me, came out during today’s “Management of New Ventures” class. This course had weightage for class Participation (CP) . Now let me define

CP (abbr.; classroom participation)

The act of asking a question or giving an answer (often one cannot tell the difference) in the classroom.The forte of the studious front-benchers, just the sight of an outstretched hand is enough to ellicit groans from the back benchers (unless they are sleeping that is)

Usage: I did a lot of CP today. I hope I will make an A+ for the effort

DP (abbr.; Desperate Participation)

Asking a question in class out of sheer desperation arising out of not having asked a question for the last 9 min 23 seconds. Backbenchers strongly feel that given a sufficiently large sample any CP eventually reduces to a DP.

Usage: Kameena ! DP maar ke pakaa diya (translation: the rascal! Did DP and screwed up the class)

OKay! And so I did a lot of DP today.

But, like an old friend ASR would say , “With baba its all about filmi, about melodrama, about dramabaazi” So exactly going by that cheeky lil’ axiom, I was talking in class today, as if it was my lifetime’s research being put out in the classroom. Looking at my face’s seriousness,the emotion, folks concluded that I was doing high-level, value-add CP !

And so after class ..

SG asked “Bhai ! Was that DP or CP ? “

Yours truly replied , : “The perception of DP or CP lies in the art of DP …. genuinely meaningful CP doesn’t exist anyway”

And all shouted … “Hear Hear !! “


thinkers cartoon


– Ghost Runner

ps: IIMC rocks

13 responses to “The Art of DP

  1. more jargon


    Up to you to decipher them 🙂

  2. ACP = active CP
    RCP = random CP
    CCP = continuous CP

    (barring the second , rather lame actually … a lil more sarcasm is advised in lingo)

  3. IIMC rocks
    In IIMC, NH rocks
    In NH, baba rocks

    kick ass baba 🙂

  4. what hendrick the stepper said to baba in the gym last evening:

    “dude that was impressive man! You are the king of globe man”


  5. Its been an honor my friends honor 😛

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  7. awesome.. !!! more posts pls 🙂

  8. It has been a GP to see my name attributed to a comment I do not remember to have made.

  9. @ bhanu

    @ asr:
    remember ! summer 2k6 .. *** slogging*** blog created by halley and me? Where we, the ug2k3 guys , were for time pass flaming one another in teh comments

  10. regarding the above comment

    baba seems to be a master of past-analysis

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