Finally the super-hair pic

Here is the demanded pic 🙂 …

Level of the hair 😀

It sort of looks like the character, Kenpachi’s hair  as shown below

kenpachi hair
Zaraki kenpachi hairstyle

Go ahead now …comment your wits out !!

ps: In the to-be-posted pipeline, a post of dark humor, of boys,girls and characterisations !!

13 responses to “Finally the super-hair pic

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  2. Who is Zaraki kenpachi? His hairstyle looks just as yours. 😛

  3. You are not at all Follically challenged!

  4. @ dan:
    a anti-hero kinda character in the anime, Bleach.Wiki it for you will have fun knowing him 🙂

    @ asr:
    I know I know 😉

  5. see, this way .. we aren’t specifically able to decide whether your forehead hairline has receded or not. We need a proper pic to judge that 😛

  6. super-hair aa :O … idaa … evadaina vinte notitho kaadu …. inka denithono navvutaaru …

  7. @ sid
    hmm ok I will mail them

    @ rakesh
    nuvvu notitho kaakundaa vere vaatitho koodaa navvutaava ? :O aithe ikkada kaadamma doctor deggiriki po.

  8. rakesh evadra … nenu evado kooda marichipoyava … what re …. aina ikkadaki vachina vallantha doctor daggariki elago vellalsi vastundi 😀 …

  9. you and your kenpachi fixation

  10. may be ….

  11. waa,,,, no no.. try some other hair style.. pls…

  12. done.

    Had hair cut … its a “spiked” one now 🙂

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