‘Omelette la Poulet’ aka ‘The Chicken Omelette’

Omelette ,also om·e·let (n). A dish consisting of beaten eggs cooked until set and folded over, often around a filling.
Poulet ( n) French for chicken


My first attempt at cooking having been vaguely inspired by geek-lord
Its Friday night! The last class of the week (scheduled for Saturday afternoon) is cancelled. So you curse yourself for having nothing to do on a night like this.In your self-poisoned frustration, you design to food-poison yourself too.
To make a contraption aptly called “the chicken omelette”.
Omelette making stuff
Put cooked chicken in between two half-cooked omelettes and cook them more!
Post eating inference:
Folks who look like Kenyan marathon runners are recommended to eat this twice daily for the next 6 months You will the become a nice chubby teddy bear
Folks who are already chubby teddy bears! If you eat this … !! Well! You will become like this man
the kick-ass recipe
the kick-ass recipe


Quote of the day

“Its a calorie bomb “

– Aseem aka Awesam

8 responses to “‘Omelette la Poulet’ aka ‘The Chicken Omelette’

  1. Shit ! Now you are destroying even the field of cooking :O

  2. mmmmmm….chicken omlette….u make my mouth water at unearthly hours…Muhc temptation comes to try out the recipe but knowing that winged creatures cannot be cooked at home brings sadness… Note to self: get friend who stays alone and has well-stocked kitchen..
    the addition to the blogroll has been noticed and appreciated

  3. sensei ! 😦 u will become fat !!!

    so u vella now kya ? but how come not picking up, i just called !

  4. @ joka lad
    arre waah ! You give me the most awesome compliments my frnd 😉

  5. the geek-lord 😐

    Anyway, good to see someone else furthering culinary science 🙂

  6. Eating omelette everyday didn’t actually made me fat. The proteins were more or less consumed during my 12 hour sleep later 🙂 (Most in the last 2 hours when I would try to sleep longer :D)
    By the way it looks gorgeous.

  7. interesting… very interesting….. very tempting actually….. And you did yourselves rite?

  8. @ vivek:
    But together chicken and omelette are a calorie breakthrough

    @ dan

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