Of Globe, Verbose and Thrash-talk

The legendary Prof.V.U Reddy would call it verbose crap … Chris Tucker calls it thrash talk
We at Jokaland call it Globe ! So a short definition for those who are not familiar
Globe. (n) Beating around the bush …. extending a statement to ridiculously nonsensical proportions by the use of linguistic mumbo-jumbo, management lingo,etc., Generally the veterans of DP have globe on their finger tips ..err… I mean … tongue tips !!
An example of a conversation.I never talked to this percepted-to-be-infinitely-studious person before, in the last 1 year.So I see this Globe status on her gtalk ID and decide to ping her 🙂 .So here goes the globe that is quite amusing for a first-time conversation 🙂 (the joey dialogue isn’t accurate … I just made it up to continue the conversation 🙂 )
    shilpa.rjn: I’m anespeptic…frasmotic…even compunctuous to have caused you such pericombobulations!

    harishbaba: scary status

    pls to share meaning

    shilpa.rjn: whats scary about this?

    they are just made up words 🙂

    harishbaba: yeah

    pseude globe

    shilpa.rjn: not my own though

    stolen from a series

    harishbaba: verbose laden pseude globe immersed in taverns brimmed with travestical vicchiosse compunding to nothing more than kitsch and clandestine auroleus

    i just described ur status

    shilpa.rjn: 😀

    harishbaba: with more globe


    shilpa.rjn: ur even more verbose

    harishbaba: the truth ?

    that was non sense
    i myself dont know what that means

    shilpa.rjn: i cud make tht out

    harishbaba: do u watch “friends” ?

    the english sitcom ?

    shilpa.rjn: yeah

    i guess everyone does

    harishbaba: joey does that verbose thingie i did

    in one of the episodes
    picks up a thesaurus and throws in words for evrything

    shilpa.rjn: oh he writes a letter for something

    harishbaba: like for the simple line my name is joey

    he goes like the self perceptory nomenclature is defined as the progeny of a kangaroo

    shilpa.rjn: 😀

    shilpa.rjn: this is from black adder

    an episode whr the main char tries to scare the writer of the first dictionary tht he may have left some words out

    harishbaba: lol

    it has been one of the best first-time conversations i had on gtalk
    would love to carry on … but

    shilpa.rjn: dinner time?

    harishbaba: the vestiges and contingencies of the lost age persist to lament the age of mortal men as a time-immemorial stigma

    Sent at 8:27 PM on Tuesday

    shilpa.rjn: 😀 bye

    Sent at 8:28 PM on Tuesday
    Do I hear junta shouting Glooooobe ! Glooooobe !! 😀

    16 responses to “Of Globe, Verbose and Thrash-talk

    1. If you think I would say …
      “yo baba , way to go baba”
      you are mistaken 😛

      I would say , “Kya globe mar raha hain! saala!”

    2. I don’t know what just happened but I am quite sure its the best ‘global’ chat I know of 😀

      Care to make it more local 😛

    3. whoa that was some blabbing, and joey rocks !!!

    4. @ joka lad, aniket :
      exactly those were the reactions globe intiates 🙂

      @ dan :
      didnt get u 😐

      @ clicking thoughts:
      Cant agree more 🙂

    5. kuch jayada ho gaya !
      OHT … over head transmission

    6. The very essence of the gibberish of your post come into the context of much to near hypothetical neurotic function which does not per se has any envisaged reaction in the habitat of sense in physical panorama of homo-sapiens. And yet you want a perceptive mean like a blog to make this endeavor of yours into a bequest of knowledge, now turning into a not so fecund objective you are too daring to ‘globe’ about it.

    7. surprisingly!! i actually understood most of this post !! and got a new meaning for globe … Gr88 !!

    8. @ sumeet:
      usme info content zero hain bhai :))

      @ sukesh:
      The comment is lexiconic …. but grammatically incorrect ..doesnt qualify as “globe” … 😛 😛 😛

      @ @nks:

    9. blah .. so much globe .. when sheared for essence reveals zilch 😛

    10. From redundancy @ Uncyclopedia

      Redundancy is the unnecessary use of either needless, tautological, pleonastic or superfluous text, by which one repeats, in duplication, the same, identical, aforesaid things over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, beyond what would be needed or required to explain, or make comprehensible, the intended or signified meaning of that which one wishes to convey. These things can be referred to as being Redundant

    11. @ mythalez:
      Nothing is ethreal in terms of ” essence” for in the corroboration that volitions as the ultimatum, all is omnipotently zilch !!!! 😉

      @ obelix :
      waah bhai waah!!

      @ all IIITians above:
      Where is the globster, Wooster ?! Someone coax him to give us some of his verbatim mish-mash 🙂

    12. Why do you think I called you bla-ba!

    13. A round object which depicts the features of the world, its places….

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