The mosquito limitation

It occurred suddenly when I was on this forest hike at the Sunderbans. Mosquitos are such powerful creatures.

They are like a colluding Business cartel beating other competition (insects) from the consumer market (blood) .Easily bred, multiplying in exponential proportion and spreading lethal disease.

But then, thank the good God that they have a limit too: They don’t spread HIV/AIDS. The HIV virus gets destroyed in their digestive system.Otherwise, there would be anarchy.Mosquito nets would become as important as condoms. 😛

the little #$^#^@$

the little #$^#^@$

Anyway, wonder why scientists are not researching the mosquito’s digestive system to get a cure for HIV ?


ps: Purely a filler

ps1: The next post will hit high controversy level 😉 …again !!


5 responses to “The mosquito limitation

  1. As unpredictable as you can imagine ! Where did that topic come from in your head 🙂

  2. Only if I were a vampire would i look into their digestive system for cure 😛

  3. “”The HIV virus gets destroyed in their digestive system””
    what if a mosquito eventually got a digestion problem???

  4. @ joka lad: I gave the answer in the first line
    @ dan: ha ha ..PJ !!!!
    @ kulbir: mosquitos suck in blood dut dont transfer it to another human …so i guess the virus stays in side only anyway 🙂

  5. dabba gaadini picchi doma kuttindi :))

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