Underrated excellence

Sometimes you download a movie wondering why in the name of the rodent’s a** are you downloading it ?

It was a flop.An utter disaster.Known to be a disaster, a pathetic promotion. One such movie was Equilibrium starring Christian Bale, released in 2002.

Then I watch it and I am dumbstruck at its brilliance, at the dark sided similarity to Bale’s more popular dark knight franchise. IMDB now rates it a decent 7.8/10 .Anyway in the end, I realize that bad campaigning can ruin a good film’s box office performance 😐



The Overview:

In post World War III Earth the citizens of Libria, the last civilized stronghold left, are kept sedated by injections of Prozium, a drug that all citizens take at various times during their day. Books, music, art…anything that causes an reaction is deemed to be forbidden material.

So ,the story is about a Fascist future where all forms of feeling are illegal. Then a man in charge of enforcing the law rises to overthrow the system.

The ultimate innovations:

If you are looking for some brain crunching or sci-fi ingenuity, the concepts of ‘Grammaton cleric’,’Gun kata’,etc., are perfect to make you ponder in wonder 😉

Ghost Runner’s take

Lets say you like science fiction and/or like action-films coupled with intellectual logic .And yet didn’t watch this one, go kill yourself.Or as a ‘Grammaton cleric’ would say, incarcerate yourself!!

And yeah! This one would definitely have been a block buster had it been released after Bale became a popular actor. (post Batman Begins and Dark knight of course)


The Most brilliantly timed scene in the movie (you have to see this scene to appreciate its excellence)

DuPont: And you, Preston, the supposed savior of the resistance, are now its destroyer, and, along with them, you’ve given me yourself… calmly… coolly… entirely without incident.
John Preston: [Polygraph machine scribbling rapidly] No.
[Polygraph suddenly registers Preston completely in control]
Polygraph Technician: Oh… Shit.
John Preston: Not without incident.

(and then follows the climax’s action sequence.Simply put, one of the most brilliantly shot action sequences ever)

6 responses to “Underrated excellence

  1. Grammaton cleric ! Hmmm ?!?! 😉

  2. Dude.. i saw this in college.. were u busy mugging for cat ?

  3. Its an old movie I know 🙂

    Guess I missed it

  4. You are reviewing all old movies now. You should have watched it in college. This proves you are a geek.

  5. that was an extremely narrow minded comment

    Its just that I understood the movie perfectly now .Perhaps when I was just 16 or 17 (time of movie release ) I wouldnt have been able to appreciate its concept fully

    anyway good cinema is never late to write about 🙂

    case closed

  6. 1 movie ? Just one old piece of movie in whole of DP ??

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