Dark Knight meets Barney

“You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain”

Sounds familiar ? Then how about this! Suppose the character Barney from the sitcom, How I met your mother says something similar about the so-called open minded modern girls ….

“You either die (marry) as a sensible person or are single long enough to become a bimbo”


ps: Lightheartedly, inoffensively dedicated to this lovely and wonderful piece of blog

9 responses to “Dark Knight meets Barney

  1. I only know of one Barney.

    Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination
    And when he’s tall he’s what we call a dinosaur sensation!

    Barney’s friends are big and small
    They come from lotsa places!

    And after school we meet here to play with happy faces!

  2. @ karan πŸ™‚
    @ pranav :
    Ayya mahanu bhaava ennalaku mee darshanam πŸ™‚
    Enti aa purple dinosaur aa πŸ˜€ …edsaav le

  3. namrataalltheway

    The quotes sounded so much more like Chandler – with all the sarcasm behind it.

  4. That is so very Barney!! Btw, damn funny post.

  5. you must remember that barney the advocate of the bro code is the one to break it first ! Bro code baba remember the bro code πŸ˜›

  6. that sounds so like you than barney

  7. awesome.. frm wen have u started watchng HIMYM??

  8. @ namrata : muhahaha πŸ˜‰
    @ deepti : hmm i am glad
    @ joka lad: I never broke the bro code that is only speculation x(
    @ammu: blah
    @ bhanu: I dont watch most of the shit ! I only watch episodes which have emphasis on Mr.Awesomeness (of course Barney …who else ):P

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