BAMAKA: When I play druid

BAMAKA ( abbr. Bad A** Mad A** kick A** ) Defined as a health drink invented by the Ghost Runner, the dreamy chap who thought he could brew a magic potion (like Getafix of the Asterix comics fame) that could give a person super human strength

So the following ingredients were mixed:

1) soda +salt + something else (speculated to be aspirin soaked in coke ! Or was it whisky …well! I dont remember!! 😐 )

2) banana shake

3) the mixture

And so we have BAMAKA !!


I don’t guarantee that it will make you healthier though that was the initial purpose

However, If you want to lose weight in a painless,effortless and irrational way, please have a cup of BAMAKA every alternate day Also be prepared to skip classes because you will be in the rest room for the whole day. But at the end of one month, your body shape will change for sure 😀

-* Rest In Peace 😉 *-

7 responses to “BAMAKA: When I play druid

  1. i’d rather starve !

  2. i’d rather eat my own cooking.

  3. ‘I’d rather eat my own cooking.’


  4. i would rather eat more so that my body comes in shape 😛

  5. the name suits it perfectly 😛

  6. The name should JABAMAKA where JA stands for jack a**

  7. @ bah, Obelix, Sultan: Wise!
    @ kulbir : atb!!
    @mythlalez : thank you shukriya dhayavaadamulu arigato
    @ kiran: Your abbreviation has bad connotation … so suggestion rejected ! thanks anyway 😛

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