Inspired by the Antz

There was no way we could have started off with the case study though we had a pretty good team.
Sabby, Sid Go and the runner himself … dedicated chaps for any case study competition 😉 But we were lethargic perhaps due to winter or the fact that it is the 5th term. And then ,,,
We got inspiration by the sight of this flawless spectacle of team work !! 😀 (the objective obviously is to transport the food item to their adda / lair )

CLICK TO ENLARGE: logistical inspiration from the anthropoidal world 🙂

So we set off to work right away ! 🙂


Song of the day

“Cheema Cheema Cheema Cheemaaaa Cheeeeema …… “

a highly titillating mass song from the gult movie Simhadri 😛

5 responses to “Inspired by the Antz

  1. Why the heck are you using the racist term instead of kicking the balls out of those using it?

  2. Here in Jokaland, it is not considered racist …every region ‘s guy is called by some nick name so its not derogatory!

  3. Gult isnt derogatory….’Gulti’ is…..infact Gult sounds cool….like cult…or hulk 🙂

  4. Hats off to ur observation, interpretation and imagination 🙂

  5. lol@ the personal secretary part 😀

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