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Raymonds :P

Overheard somewhere today …
There is no difference between COMPLETE and FINISH.

But when you love a right person,you are COMPLETE. and when you love a wrong person,you are FINISHED.

– Courtesy: Rounak Baheti’s gtalk status


ps: Arbitrary filler!

ps1: Next post will be on various types of boys and girls …

The Flame Thrower

Flame Thrower: An indigenous cocktail created by the Ghost Runner that is claimed to evaluate the drinker’s self-sexuality awareness (the scientific reasoning of which he himself has no clue of).Anyway, the effect is different for different people.  So depending on the first taste they feel as soon as they take a sip, an evaluation is infered.



Percentage (%)



100 Plus




Tonic (Dry)


White Rum


Mango Juice


French Wine


so x = 100/28 = 3.5555555555555% … but you can take it as 3.5% for convenience!


Shake it up enough to make out a homogeneous mix but not so much as to see an effervescence.

Evaluation Table

Ask the drinker to immediately name the first one drink that comes to mind after taking a sip. So depending on his/her response here goes …


Inference of what the person thinks he is subconsciously



100 Plus

Total confusion


Gay Male

Tonic (Dry)

Gay Male

White Rum

Man but little confused

Mango Juice


French Wine


A combinational answer in spite of asking to name only one drink,can be treated mercilessly.

For eg., someone who says , “wine and gin” can be evaluated as being in a dilemma between whether he/she is gay or lesbian!! 😉


So go ahead! This original Evaluatory Cocktail is my Christmas cum New Year gift to the readers !


ps: Successfully tested in last night’s quad party! Results are scarily accurate in accordance with the person’s percepted personality! 😉

Charming Dreams and Princely Girls

This theory is not a theory at all, but just an after-thought to the previous post.

Boys’ most idealistic partner is the dream girl!! It is simply a girl who looks,talks,sings and behaves like an angel.And of course, lights up his dreams. As simple as that !

But then, look at the intelligent and Business minded ladies …

Girls’ most common ideal partner is Prince Charming! Now you see folks ..this is scarrry! There is the requirement for a prince indicating paisa, wealth and power.Then there is the Charming indicating good looks, intelligence, style, etc.,

Baap re! In two words, the girls covered the very essence of capitalism in their ‘from teenage to old agefantasies!

And guys are of course again the idiots. They dont even know how to have optimal fantasies and visions 😛


~No Offence Meant

~Everything else intended

The 4 levels/types of love

FOREWORD: Original idea by the legen …wait for it …. dary Rahul Ajmani, Place Rep 2007-08, Commander in chief of NH in World War 2007 , Stud Farmer 2007-09, and friend .The analysis below Caters by default to the Indian context unless specified.

DISCLAIMER: But as expected 😉 , the illustrations, the depictions and the panga-taking quotient of the post is entirely my responsibility.Feel free to express your solidarity of opinion in kicking my a** 😛 in case you think this is offensive



Type 1 : Saccha pyaar / true love

No! Don’t equate it to the romantic version of “true love” you see in movies.

Gist: This is a more realistic concept ..about the truth of life . And that is lust, money, etc.,

For the boys: Well!! From a boy’s perspective , saccha pyaar = lust/attraction

For the girls: And of course from a girl’s perspective saccha pyaar = paisa-earning potential !!!

Trivia: The western world is immensely well reputed for touching the first level and breaking the relationship! Esp the british!


Type 2: Senti pyaar

Gist: The name says it all. You dont walk out of her within 30min of making out

For the boys: The emotional guinea pigs! They are always victims of this one,esp. when it comes to first love.

For the girls: Generally assumed to be the masters of this one.

Trivia: The ladies fall into this faster than the boys and get out of it faster than the boys. And justify it all by saying “Life goes on… you can commit suicide if you want … but my baap will get me a rich NRI”


Type 3: Shaadi pyaar/ Wedlock level love

Gist: Extrapolation of type 2. They crave for each other enough to get married.

For the boys: A boy generally sticks to type 1. But if he goes onto type 2, he will almost definitely go onto type 3.

For the girls: A girl who hangs on through type 1 will probably go onto type 2. When it comes to promotion to type 3,unless the girl is an angel, there is most of the times a clash either due to:

  1. Boy never graduated from type 1
  2. Girl is a bitch! (a highly biased example: My ex-gf!! )

Trivia: Instances of either the guy turning heel (WWE lingo !) or going on a rampage of rebounds are prevalent due to this. But if this type works, we do have a happily ever after scenario!


Type 4: Ultimate pyaar/ Untimely love

Gist: It lasts beyond time. Even after a split/ death, it is remembered as the only significant essence of life.Many wish it was true! But even in our holy scriptures, Lord Rama (the Hindu God) had it for his wife Sita,but failed to live upto it 😦 .

For the boys: Boys who even reach type2 fantasize about their love being type 4

For the girls: They are incapable of it.

Trivia: Unfortunately, A survey taken from among 100 men [35 in type 3 , and 8 already married] confirmed with a 100/100 perfect score that the funda about girls and type 4 is true 😦

When the fairy came marching in

And so the legendary Stud Farm (E-300s wing in New Hostel, IIMC) threw another party marking the end of exams and return of some wingies who had gone on Student-Exchange.

Of course they with them bought absinthe (aka the green fairy for its hallucinating effects) ..the show stopper drink of the night

The Green Fairy invite


It works crazily well , especially on non alcoholic chaps, like poor ol’ me 😐

Good times ! Great moments! And of course there was the bon-fire!

Verse of the night

“There I gulped downed the green fairy

Saw images neither sweet nor scary

Yet I saw a f**k-all effect

That was so torturous yet perfect !!!”

Ghost Runner


Green Fairy Trivia:

  • Btw, Vincent Van Goh, an artist of the Renaissance is famous for cutting off his ears after having absinthe
  • This drink is banned in certain European countries becsause it affects the central nervous system
  • The Indian legislation has no law mentioning this drink …so it is not illegal here ..thank our lack of awareness !


ps: Next post about the 4 modules of love , B-school style analysis 😉 ….with of course merciless examples (**snickering** )

Momentary but Ultimate lapse of Reason

DISCLAIMER: A mere hypothetical theological theoritical idea

Long long ago, Satan/The Devil pings God and asks:

Satan: Hain bhagwaan ! Are you done with your Ultimate creation (man)

God: Get lost you a**hole! I am busy!

Satan: I was wondering if I could make you a very nice suggestion, about the creation of this thing called man!

God: Okay! But why do you care ?

Satan: He will need laws

God: What ? You, my self-appointed employee with a permanent job to be man’s enemy ! You want to make man’s laws ??

Satan: No no …I only ask that he be allowed to make his own.

God: Well! Okay …

[… And it was so granted.That was how Satan duped God into granting man free-will and eventually, by Organizational theory, chaos has evolved 🙂 ]

-Inspired by a quote from Ambrose Bierce