When the fairy came marching in

And so the legendary Stud Farm (E-300s wing in New Hostel, IIMC) threw another party marking the end of exams and return of some wingies who had gone on Student-Exchange.

Of course they with them bought absinthe (aka the green fairy for its hallucinating effects) ..the show stopper drink of the night

The Green Fairy invite


It works crazily well , especially on non alcoholic chaps, like poor ol’ me 😐

Good times ! Great moments! And of course there was the bon-fire!

Verse of the night

“There I gulped downed the green fairy

Saw images neither sweet nor scary

Yet I saw a f**k-all effect

That was so torturous yet perfect !!!”

Ghost Runner


Green Fairy Trivia:

  • Btw, Vincent Van Goh, an artist of the Renaissance is famous for cutting off his ears after having absinthe
  • This drink is banned in certain European countries becsause it affects the central nervous system
  • The Indian legislation has no law mentioning this drink …so it is not illegal here ..thank our lack of awareness !


ps: Next post about the 4 modules of love , B-school style analysis 😉 ….with of course merciless examples (**snickering** )

3 responses to “When the fairy came marching in

  1. it looks soo good!! I envy!!

  2. aah … so u have fallen for the green devil? 😛

  3. aahaaan ! No wonder you called me up in the middle of the night you stupid pervert! Lol!

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