Charming Dreams and Princely Girls

This theory is not a theory at all, but just an after-thought to the previous post.

Boys’ most idealistic partner is the dream girl!! It is simply a girl who looks,talks,sings and behaves like an angel.And of course, lights up his dreams. As simple as that !

But then, look at the intelligent and Business minded ladies …

Girls’ most common ideal partner is Prince Charming! Now you see folks ..this is scarrry! There is the requirement for a prince indicating paisa, wealth and power.Then there is the Charming indicating good looks, intelligence, style, etc.,

Baap re! In two words, the girls covered the very essence of capitalism in their ‘from teenage to old agefantasies!

And guys are of course again the idiots. They dont even know how to have optimal fantasies and visions πŸ˜›


~No Offence Meant

~Everything else intended

29 responses to “Charming Dreams and Princely Girls

  1. Pricked the right spot, man!!

  2. baba! you seem to be in a girl bashing mode!

    wait till the feminists read this πŸ˜‰

  3. Another one from the master of theories.

  4. …. or just a master speculator!

  5. …. or just a master bater!

  6. @ ghost runner re.g above comment :
    see what i mean

  7. Bow to thee… but God save u from feminists

  8. @ sukesh, joka lad :

    @ dan:
    The world runs on theories and speculations …so i am honored at the the compliments

    @ anon:
    Dont u do that ?????? Maybe some thing’s wrong with u ! πŸ˜‰
    Reason for allowing anony comments is to identify chaps like you lacking the b***s to write your name …*sigh* 😐

  9. @ stier:
    A 1K donation for their organization funds will keep them away I guess πŸ˜› After all ladies are AWESOMELY high on business acumen

    @ mimi:
    love you baby πŸ˜›

  10. In case of a clash between a ‘Prince’ and a ‘charming’ (when both the qualities are mutually exclusive), the Prince usually wins hands down.

    Charming is a good source of entertainment, and doesn’t carry any farther than that.

  11. Notice the use of the term ‘usually’ :).

  12. @ aniket:
    wells said !

    But a little out of context

    its ‘prince charming’ the cliche’ thingie…we are talking about girls’ perfect fantasy here …. so its ALWAYS both …

  13. oh.. what an incorrect observation!!!

  14. IF U CAN …. please come up with an alternate explanation !!

  15. Tat is y most of u guys r single… Leave apart not having the ‘charming’ qualities..u don’t even know wat they r …

  16. @ pinky:
    That coming from a girl who herself doesn’t know what she wants in a boy …. :O is quite IRONICAL !!!

    (on a lighter side) Oseyy pinky !!1 nuvvante ? first time in my blog …thaaaanks πŸ˜‰

  17. Quick facts:
    a) number of boys = number of girls (approx)
    b) most of the girls are not single.
    c) most of the boys are single.

    It implies that most of the girls dates with girls. In other words, girls are mostly lesbos.

    Girls basically need a big elephant foot size dick which shoots out money.

  18. The first man gets the oyster, the second man gets the shell…

  19. … and the third man gets an outlet for his wealth πŸ˜‰


    hey but all said and done …

    @ any girl reading this:
    If someone (preferably girls who don’t just make statements but give some reasoning) puts in a sensible statement opposing these seemingly sexist views …. I will gladly accept !!

    A humble search (not an attack on the ladies) to see if this post’s (and prev post’s) seemingly powerful view-point is false …

  20. hmmm …. now that king kong film makes more sense ….

    prince charming is the dream….
    king kong is the reality…..

    tch tch tch girls …..

  21. hmmm … I hope ppl don’t kill me after reading this πŸ˜€ but anyway here is one/my explanation πŸ™‚

    1. “Prince Charming” is relative, for a beggar an autowalla is a Prince and for a bus conductor a bus owner is a prince, and charming is a vague term which only means pleasing. So “Prince Charming” of a girl is a compromising character, not every girl would wait for Prince Williams or Duke of Edinburgh.
    2. But for every guy “dream girl” directly refers to a hot sizzling actress YET (atleast 75%) of the guys want their girl to be the sati savitri types after being ‘committed’ ….

    So you see the pt ? we guys are the confused ones πŸ™‚ when girls choose its just survival of the fittest among the choices she has, but when the guy choses his ‘dream girl’ concept isn’t very stable

    Finally, if this isn’t very clear or you want more ‘notes’ anyone know knows telugu/kannada/tamil can watch Upendra’s Raa, A, H2O, Rakta Kanneru and so on so forth πŸ˜€ (PS: please watch to the end)

  22. @ saaketh:

    hmm ..makes sense!

    But still, you stand the risk of just acting the nice guy to get into the ladies’ good books ! πŸ˜‰ Its better if girls answer πŸ™‚

    thanks anyway

    @ crazy person:
    super mutated lols !

  23. Is that you writing ? 😦
    Why are you doing you eminem thing in the blog

  24. aahh… see, there are guys who wud want to pataofy rich girls, (however bad the girl might look) just like their counterparts (like teh girls whom u have mentioned) . So its kinda equalised.. isnt it.. no need of this female-bashing!!!

  25. @ ghost

    aha! two ladies’ opinionating!the discussion doesnt seem to end πŸ™‚

  26. @ ammu:
    dudette! It makes for interesting blogging

    @ bhanu:
    1) read the post again

    2) I think NO BOY unless he is way uglier than the girl will pursue a rich girl who is UGLY (never in 23 years have i come across)

    3) I can give names of at least 10 girls (without much thinking)who have a repo of running behind rich guys from apna IIIT! Can u give such a list for boys ???? No you can’t, babe !!!

  27. OK … Just thought this would make this even more gr8 … Although it is another random survey taken

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