The Flame Thrower

Flame Thrower: An indigenous cocktail created by the Ghost Runner that is claimed to evaluate the drinker’s self-sexuality awareness (the scientific reasoning of which he himself has no clue of).Anyway, the effect is different for different people.  So depending on the first taste they feel as soon as they take a sip, an evaluation is infered.



Percentage (%)



100 Plus




Tonic (Dry)


White Rum


Mango Juice


French Wine


so x = 100/28 = 3.5555555555555% … but you can take it as 3.5% for convenience!


Shake it up enough to make out a homogeneous mix but not so much as to see an effervescence.

Evaluation Table

Ask the drinker to immediately name the first one drink that comes to mind after taking a sip. So depending on his/her response here goes …


Inference of what the person thinks he is subconsciously



100 Plus

Total confusion


Gay Male

Tonic (Dry)

Gay Male

White Rum

Man but little confused

Mango Juice


French Wine


A combinational answer in spite of asking to name only one drink,can be treated mercilessly.

For eg., someone who says , “wine and gin” can be evaluated as being in a dilemma between whether he/she is gay or lesbian!! 😉


So go ahead! This original Evaluatory Cocktail is my Christmas cum New Year gift to the readers !


ps: Successfully tested in last night’s quad party! Results are scarily accurate in accordance with the person’s percepted personality! 😉

12 responses to “The Flame Thrower

  1. maybe u shud name it — ‘sex’ by the drink 😛

  2. “M”aster “O”f “S”wing ? 😉

  3. MARKETING !!!
    I tried this coktail … it sucks !
    you’d better have a kingfisher strong hahaha

  4. do u think u r vijay mallya 😛 ?

  5. @ mimi:
    Happy Birthday Marie 😀

    @ obelix, mythalez, joka lad,karan, ammu:

  6. Its an isotonic sports drink …

    for further info click the link,

  7. what is the funda behind vodka b eing perfect male and rum being the confused version

    isnt vodka more of a girl’s drink

  8. @ gopi

    @ abc
    My logic was:
    Its the confused ones who are trying to assert their manliness more … so the fellows who say ‘rum’ (which is obviously the stronger drink)are confused

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