Raymonds :P

Overheard somewhere today …
There is no difference between COMPLETE and FINISH.

But when you love a right person,you are COMPLETE. and when you love a wrong person,you are FINISHED.

– Courtesy: Rounak Baheti’s gtalk status


ps: Arbitrary filler!

ps1: Next post will be on various types of boys and girls …

9 responses to “Raymonds :P

  1. @ ps1:

    girl bashing again ?? x(

  2. why do i ge tthe feeling some bandi screwed you over?

  3. @ obelix:
    No … its a friend’s status message šŸ™‚ so arbitly put it

    @ ammu:
    its supposed to be a joke thingie

  4. abbulu – the COMPLETE nut lol !

  5. lol @ post
    lol @ abc’s comment

    @ ghost
    Nice style of posting! Witty fillers beech beech main

  6. @ ghost runner:
    An oft repeated quesiton! Is this a message to someone ?

  7. šŸ™‚ Waiting for the next post..!!

  8. @ abc: Is that the best u got šŸ˜›

    @ joka lad: ty šŸ™‚

    @ rob: partially true

    @ bhanu: done !!

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