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The world’s killing potential

I was randomly browsing through the net when I found this site

The power of a nuclear war-shell as possessed in the arsenal of countries. If we see below, it is a comparison in terms of Mega tons (unit to measure explosive potential)

An extract:

The Most Powerful Bomb Ever Constructed
On October 30, 1961, the most powerful weapon ever constructed by mankind was exploded over the island of Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic Sea. The device was code-named “Ivan,” and it was a multi-stage hydrogen bomb which was built in only fifteen weeks by engineers in the USSR, using off-the-shelf nuclear weapon components.

Ivan– sometimes referred to as “Tsar Bomba” or “King of Bombs”– was originally designed to yield a 100 megaton explosion, but the soviets decided that such a blast would create too great a risk of nuclear fallout.Even at half strength, Ivan was so powerful that it was completely impractical. Much of the explosion’s energy radiated upwards into space, and that which didn’t was so excessive that using the device on any populated targets world would have resulted in adverse effects on Russian interests.

Raaz : a bundle of copied ideas

Saw the movie ‘Raaz: the mystery continues’ at the South city mall yesterday

The movie was a combination of heavy influences from …

  1. Exorcist (the part just before the interval where Kangana goes up in air and starts speaking like Hulk Hogan 😉 )
  2. The Ring (the whole 2nd half  consisting of the exploration for the reason behind the spirit’s wrath) …
  3. The first half was distinctly some forgotten English movie during the 90s (the name of which I don’t remember).The whole concept of the artist being able to read her future is directly lifted from that movie.If someone finds it throw a link in the comments

Better than “bottom of the pyramid” horror shit

Unlike the old Raaz (the Bipasha Basu starrer) which was again a remake of What lies beneath, this was a better movie. It didn’t depend on sexual scintillations randomly.

And like the Ramsay brand of B-grade horror, it didn’t depend too much on excess gore either. (Of course the ladies might still say it was gore though 😛 … but girls are girls !!! )

Also,like the recent barrage of RGV bull shit , it didn’t have arbitrary sound effects  and super-ugly house maids.

The actors

Kangana is not an awesome actress. But her face and demeanor matches perfectly to that of a Gothic heroine. I think that no one among the more beautiful heroines in current Bollywood matches that.

Emraan Hashmi fitted the role. He does the underdog saviour kind of roles much better than he does the kissing roles

The rest don’t know how to act

Rumours and facts

There are rumours  of strange incidents happening at Kalindi. So whatever the validity is , the movie captures Indian ism very distinctly. Kudos to the director for being able to synchronize the Indian setting with the copid ghost ideas from foreign movies

The plot and movie

The second half has become a bit boring.It drags a good deal.Makes you think  at some scenes that you are watching one of those sub-standard citi cable (local telugu channel in 90s) D-grade horror serials

The Big plot-wise blunder is making the spirit a good spirit in the end. Contradicts the whole aura created in the first half of a bad-ass Satanic force.I mean why would a good spirit

  1. Conjure stuff like a  “God is dead” catch phrase in blood on a lap top.
  2. Catch kangana naked in the bath tub and try to do weird things to her (perverted ghost 😛  ?? )

Anyway useless logic apart , second half could have been better.

The music is good.

Nutshell opinion

Overall, I guess its definitely worth a try! Don’t expect anything . Then, you would find  it’s much better than most other shit that’s being doled out these days

. And yes !It is any day scarier than an RGV movie .


ps: Of course! If you are a sissy don’t watch it. Otherwise you will start seeing stuff in the bathroom mirror 😉

The Tolkien code

DISCLAIMER: Purely an idea that shot out of spending sleepless nights of mosquito-fighting and  job-dreaming

I suddenly noticed that according to Tolkien’s legendarium, elves and men, the more honorable of beings are said to be from the west.Remember that middle earth is referred to in fantasy as the historical earth long lost and forgotten. Now check this out …

The Ghost Runner’s Rundown

  1. Above is a map of Europe (left)  and Tolkien’s Middle Earth (right) !!! Now if you take Europe (western part esp.) on the left and tilt it upside down, you approximately get a geography that is shockingly almost equal to the map on the right, the Middle Earth !
  2. Add to that the fact that LotR was orginally written during the 2nd World War. based on this, I got some more deductions …
  3. By that logic, the final great battle for middle earth happens in Return of the King at the gates of Gondor, which alarmingly is indicating of the area where most of the battles were fought during World War 2
  4. The Numenorean kings are the ones who get cursed because they are greedy and easily corruptible! (Remember the guy who cuts off Sauron’s hand in LotR Part-1, takes the “one ring” and gets too obsessed with it to destroy it? He is one of them) Somehow these kings seem to be indicating the Germans and Italians during the World War 2. Also originally the kingdom of these kings, Gondor when turned upside down, looks like the combined shape of Germany and Italy (turned upside down of course)
  5. The dark realmMordor (from where the orcs come), by similar decuction , is the area of Russia and beyond. This is nothing but Asia. Is J.R.R.Tolkien the Englishman, secretly calling Asians Orcs ???
  6. Is he meaning to indicate that Asia is akin to Mordor , the land of savage and uncivilized beasts (much like the mind set of European colonial fellows)  ???
  7. The heavenly realm, home of the Valars,   is said to be the outermost west. The Valars are  the most powerful beings in the Middle Earth fantasy set.   Is Tolkien trying to flatter the Americans for better sales of his publication, by calling them powerful ??? 😛

For the record, I am an LotR fan myself. But any of these speculative deductions of mine, might well turn out to be true 😉

Feminism meets LOTR

There is this super duper feminist lady in IIM-Calcutta!Lets call her Madame Rage (or R) for now …

And so we were having this fiery intellectual (yeah right! more like ‘ego-centric’ ) discussion on random celluloid stuff …

And Madame R said … “Okay ! You know why the orcs lost in Lord of the rings ?”

I went off into my own parallel realm of globe again , saying , “Well ! Its as per the law of nature and universal ethics …good prevails over the evil, the orcs were the bad guys and deserved to lose, the humans were relatviely honorable beings who cared for harmonious existence, etc.,”

R said, “Stop globing! They lost because the humans had women caring for them, cooking for them, and also giving a hand in the fighting! That inspired the men!  In LOTR, except for the Uruk Hai , who were created by Saruman, the other orcs were natural beings! But, there were no women-orcs in the movie!”

I was left dumb struck at the sharp observation!  😐

High lords of Kuntry/country giri

They say you can take the man out of the rustic but cant take rustic out of the man ….

So there was this corporate dinner hosted by a well reputed company for some students of IIM-C

The guys were all decked up in suits and then came the ghost, wearing dual colored baggies and a t-shirt. They brayed in horror at this and threatened him with a bum-bashing session if he doesn’t get appropriately dressed up in business formals!

“But its not an interview, men!” said the ghost.

“Its a corporporate dinner asshole!” said they. “Now get dressed up! You don’t want to create a bad impression for the insti brand , esp. in times of economic slowdown!”

And so …

  1. They gave him a formal shirt .. (crazy white shit ..I mean ..shirt !)
  2. They gave him a flashy golden tie .. (ever heard of the phrase ..jigeil jigeil !!!!)
  3. They made him weart a suit  … (Park Avenue …ekdhum pseude looking corporate looking branded costly maal 😛 )
  4. They even gave him a super-posh looking cell phone

They reached the dinner.

And this pose is what resulted much to the embarrassment of my posh-grooming mentors 😛 , (notice the peasant like expression)


when kuntry ishtyle meets corporate ishtyle 😛

And hence they gave up, those well wishers who well-wished to groom the ghost into pseudapa 😉

Back in A.P, they used to say Mass tho pettukunte madathadipoddi ! 😀

Joey versus Barney

The Announcement:

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Children of all ages! The Ghost Runner and the  Stud farm wing of IIM-Calcutta proudly present the match of all matches … ***JOEY*** VS ***BARNEY***

The Entries:

Joey enters the boxing Arena!  Background entry music : Akon’s I wanna f**k you !”

Barney enters the Arena! Background music : John Scatman’s “I am a scat man! “

The Fight:

And the battle begins ….

***Ting! Ting! ***

Round 1:

Ms. S and Ms.M were having break fast. I land up in front of them and ask , Ladies! If I ever ask you to choose between who is more awesome between Joey and Barney!”

Impulsively the girls said “Joey!!!”. Because he is supposedly cuter !

Round 1 winner: Joey


Round 2:

Then I heard some random guy shout from behind me , “When its awesomeness, you look at who is funnier, wittier and yes ! more awesome …”

Round 2 Winner: no contest … only a petition to change the rules of evaluation were given. Fair enough!!!


Round 3:

Anyway … even if it comes to just the “ladies-getting” potential , I have a rough estimate that Barney in 3 seasons got more girls than Joey did in 10 seasons. [Finance company honcho Barney gets more ladies than hot guy Joey! Do I see an imaginary Barney doing “high five”  somewhere !!! 😉 ]

Round 3 Winner: (on the basis of a big bank balance and sitcom statistics ) Barney


Round 4:

A certain European girl said …  “Joey is Italian !”

Aha! That brings me to another interesting point. Most people seem  to love everything Italian because it is supposedly very exotic and/or macho and/or fashionable 😛  ….. Mario Puzo, Pizza, God father, Rocky Balboa, Lasagna, and of course Joey Tribbiani !!!! 😉

Round 4 winner: (on the basis of being an Italian. And also according to some desperate ladies, looking like an Italian porn star) Joey


Round 5:

Barney says things like  “Bimbos  are mankind’s salvation because they delegate your frustration away without having to create a liability on you “,

While Joey says things like  “Hahaha! Yeah ! Duh! Err! Ahem !! hahaha”

Round 5 winner : (on the basis of  conquering girls with just one-liners  and winning fans with awesome wit & street smartness) Barney

So far its on level, 2 rounds to 2!

And may the battle continue  …. 😀

Of ladies, paisa and orgasms

FOREWORD: At the risk of sounding patronizing,  I would say  I don’t completely agree with this

Considering that the readers are mature adults, kindly refrain from cheap reactions 😛

Need I say anything else ? 😉


ps: Just a filler! Real stuff’s coming up!

the Bottomline vs the vision

“Dont let the bottom line overwhelm your vision”

– a prof.

The Initial Herogiri

An ode to the current meltdown, bad job market, and finally how people are looking towards real “value add”, real “interests” and not letting their minds be corrupted by fat paychecks …

[The logic is simple and cliche’ ! Only if you are interested in something , you end up working well and creating good profile. So when the market slowdown is gone, you would have had done some quality work/projects using which you can go for better jobs !]

I realized that the thought process

Not the popular one but mine

Allowed me to digress

Beyond stagnation before I dine

Then came the necessity

To hide myself from me

Limiting my propensity

To break away, run free

But then I painstakingly  witnessed

‘The Meltdown: Subversion of the dominant paradigm’

Thanks Calvin ! You aren’t possessed

Originality, Brilliance come at a desperate time

So now the bad job  market is reality

Eminem would still say “Up there goes gravity”

Please Fight for what you want, asshole

Not for relatives’ version of a good payroll

The Ghost Runner’s paradox:

That was an objective relevation!

But now, lets see myself in a positionwhere I have to choose between Job A, big fat salary, authoritative boss and Job B, medium salary with lenient boss + company with interest groups,etc.,

Sad to say this hyper-rational mind would say, “Baap! Go for Job A only bhai ! You don’t want your daadi making a drama on why you chose MBA instead of US main MS do you”

Sad but true! I would still go for Job A 😦

My reply to the Prof. .. “Okay sir ! But how will the bottom line overwhelm me when it is not there  😦 ?

Free world ka baap kaun?

Last night was when I watched The President  is Coming at InoX in Elgin road. This is  one of those Indian English movies which seemed to suddenly have grown in customer recall (by a fraction) thanks to the tremendous over-rating of Slum Dog Millionaire …

Anyway,in the movie, we have 6 finalists of  a reality show pitted against one another. The winner gets to shake hands with President Bush when he visits India.

It is hilariously well-articulated toilet humour for a (err …duh … ahem !!) mature audience.

Wait !By Jesus  and Hanuman !! Am I being politically correct or what ? Oh well ! I just meant to say its downright obscene and more of a boy’s movie 😉

But the irony is well depicted. The winner (Konkona Sen Sharma) actually has a secret agenda of burning Bush’s face 😛 which I felt has a sort of depiction of the current bound-for-USA Indians !! The victory depicts their ambions in the supposed land of dreams and the hatred that the Indian winner has for Bush shows the misery, frustration of most Indian prospectives in this country (aftermath of the contemporary global meltdown !!)

Well ! I might be stretching my imagination a bit too far. But at times of recession, I guess thats how the thinking is influenced, if at all there’s a hidden message in the claimedly  laughter-riot of a movie.

But of course, forget all that, get rid of your cinematic expectations, take the intellectual in you and send him for a picnic! Then, you will definitely enjoy this one. 🙂

Think twice before you do a google search

When googling damages the planet …