Ladies and Gentlemen Part-2

And now, at the risk of being once again lambasted mercilessly by  fundamentalist organizations …

4 categories of girls from among those who are involved with the opposite sex:


  • After men on constant basis
  • Visible trait= paunch, fat bottom, thunder thighs and elephant hips

  • In places like IIIT-H or IIM-C they get more bhaav (attention !!) owing to scarcity of ladies
  • Will roam around and get ditched by arbitrary boys
  • Nova‘s (refer to previous post)  last and most default choice
  • *subjective* Most of the non-beautiful Indian girls are either despo or asexual


  • Generally has crushes
  • But prefers to stay friends
  • Perhaps capable of love, but willtaek light  if baap/bhayya (Dad/bro) comes to know or if an arranged marriage full-paisa rishta comes along
  • Lies a lot
  • Prefers going out for lunches than dinners
  • *subjective* Most of the non-ugly Indian girls are play-safers


  • Analogous to Nova (refer to previous post)
  • If a Nova and Man-eater clash, even the mighty Nova gets f**ked
  • Is strikingly attractive
  • Also known in some circumstances as ‘gold digger’, ‘bitch’, etc.,
  • Can make any man fida
  • Can anytime say “ta ta”
  • All man-eaters are play safers but all play-safers are not man-eaters
  • Only an intelligent person can distinguish between an angel and a man-eater
  • Expected time of relationship = <Least Count error in measuring instrument>


Regret to say not much information available about this rare species

Rumours say they are found  in fairy tales,  adolescent boys’ dreams and Black’n’White movies.


ps: I respect the ladies. But, Lawsuits shall not be entertained 😛 😀

18 responses to “Ladies and Gentlemen Part-2

  1. I hope nobody kicks you for *subjective* thoughts 😀

  2. Why is that angel naked ?

  3. @ “Expected time of relationship = ”


  4. @ kulbir: lets hope so
    @ rob: it looked artistic 😉 so arbitly put it .no specific reason

  5. I’m tempted to write a guest post on your blog. What say ?

  6. no category for man-haters ??

  7. @ anonea:
    and this is … ?

    @ sukesh:
    anyone of them can hate men …

    (if u want specifc category the man eater generally includes this one too 🙂 )

  8. !!!! so u actually think there can be guy who can be of the comitted type, no gils , eh? !!!!

  9. Can u say that in english ? Lol !!! Why should a guy have GILLS ?? Fish have that 😛

  10. Love , gals and booze … lately you have been writing bout only these three …

    with the gals leading with maximum posts on …

    is it because ……. ?? or ……

  11. its because …

    these topics are popular 🙂 and I since the last 1 year have been playing to the audience

  12. lol @ Man Eater’s section! 😀

  13. ten times ten is a hundred

  14. @ ghost
    What the heck ? You are no dude! You are a nova 😛

  15. @ obelix :
    flame i dont mind
    make senseless comments i shall delete

    @ joka dhoka:
    Random comment 😐

  16. Since you have been courteous enough to highlight the “Defects” of boys before you started the girls’ analysis ,

    you are acquited from the feminist ire

  17. Ты посмотри сколько халявщиков сразу!!! :)))

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