Free world ka baap kaun?

Last night was when I watched The President  is Coming at InoX in Elgin road. This is  one of those Indian English movies which seemed to suddenly have grown in customer recall (by a fraction) thanks to the tremendous over-rating of Slum Dog Millionaire …

Anyway,in the movie, we have 6 finalists of  a reality show pitted against one another. The winner gets to shake hands with President Bush when he visits India.

It is hilariously well-articulated toilet humour for a (err …duh … ahem !!) mature audience.

Wait !By Jesus  and Hanuman !! Am I being politically correct or what ? Oh well ! I just meant to say its downright obscene and more of a boy’s movie 😉

But the irony is well depicted. The winner (Konkona Sen Sharma) actually has a secret agenda of burning Bush’s face 😛 which I felt has a sort of depiction of the current bound-for-USA Indians !! The victory depicts their ambions in the supposed land of dreams and the hatred that the Indian winner has for Bush shows the misery, frustration of most Indian prospectives in this country (aftermath of the contemporary global meltdown !!)

Well ! I might be stretching my imagination a bit too far. But at times of recession, I guess thats how the thinking is influenced, if at all there’s a hidden message in the claimedly  laughter-riot of a movie.

But of course, forget all that, get rid of your cinematic expectations, take the intellectual in you and send him for a picnic! Then, you will definitely enjoy this one. 🙂

5 responses to “Free world ka baap kaun?

  1. looks like you havn’t watched a movie for a long time(in talkies) and couldn’t be negative about one you saw after a decade, eh?
    Just guessing wildly, I havn’t seen the movie

  2. I agree, Slumdog is definitely overrated …

  3. is this one there on dc ? cant find it 😦

  4. I guess the problem with slumdog is that it is seen as gr8 by rich NRIs who still live in a hallucination that India is represented by the extreme-case presentation of slums as in the movie

    ps: I mean jumping into shit to shake hands with AB is definitely “overrating” the sad-side of India to uncomfortably high proportions !!!

  5. @ sukesh:
    I am sure i saw more recent english movies than u did 😛 so argument annulled 😀

    @ random:
    i dont think so 😐

    @ joka lad:
    too much analysis is there 😉

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