the Bottomline vs the vision

“Dont let the bottom line overwhelm your vision”

– a prof.

The Initial Herogiri

An ode to the current meltdown, bad job market, and finally how people are looking towards real “value add”, real “interests” and not letting their minds be corrupted by fat paychecks …

[The logic is simple and cliche’ ! Only if you are interested in something , you end up working well and creating good profile. So when the market slowdown is gone, you would have had done some quality work/projects using which you can go for better jobs !]

I realized that the thought process

Not the popular one but mine

Allowed me to digress

Beyond stagnation before I dine

Then came the necessity

To hide myself from me

Limiting my propensity

To break away, run free

But then I painstakingly  witnessed

‘The Meltdown: Subversion of the dominant paradigm’

Thanks Calvin ! You aren’t possessed

Originality, Brilliance come at a desperate time

So now the bad job  market is reality

Eminem would still say “Up there goes gravity”

Please Fight for what you want, asshole

Not for relatives’ version of a good payroll

The Ghost Runner’s paradox:

That was an objective relevation!

But now, lets see myself in a positionwhere I have to choose between Job A, big fat salary, authoritative boss and Job B, medium salary with lenient boss + company with interest groups,etc.,

Sad to say this hyper-rational mind would say, “Baap! Go for Job A only bhai ! You don’t want your daadi making a drama on why you chose MBA instead of US main MS do you”

Sad but true! I would still go for Job A 😦

My reply to the Prof. .. “Okay sir ! But how will the bottom line overwhelm me when it is not there  😦 ?

9 responses to “the Bottomline vs the vision

  1. bloody blah you!!
    bottom-line is your f***in interest.
    Let it not blur your vision. But you hyper-rationalized decision is already on line. No problem!!
    Come to think of it, your interests were deviating you from the real goal – getting better job.
    Beta!! if you already have a better job, why will somebody take suited-to-interests job first and then go for same job of which you have a choice now 😉

    You may disagree but ‘paycheck’ is also part of interests and can dominate other interests…

  2. By the way think of this
    scenario: before meltdown
    dominant paradigm: get as high as you can

    scenario: after meltdown
    dominant paradigm: go for interests, add on good skills, think long term etc. etc.

    now try subverting the dominant paradigm

  3. u get me wrong …
    Bottom line = short term survival not interest !
    Dominant paradigm (meaning = trend) = paisa (don’t play this one … you can’t fight its evil importance )

    These won’t change!

    @ the rest of the argument:
    good ! thats why i gave the “initial hero giri” tag and the ending example 🙂
    But anyway … I am talking about “societal conditioning” and nothing else …. haven’t you heard of Steve Jobs’ “connecting the dots” ???

  4. Some parts of your post went whoosh past my head . and yes! nice poem btw , had the consonants of a rap (did i state the obvious ? )

  5. do i see hypocrisy or helpnessness (reg the last stance insipte of the poem)

    Anyway the poem sort of depicts the placement scenario everywhere in a very striaght hard-talking fashion.And calvin rocks!

  6. change of style back to old form again ? (the form which common people lik us dont understand ! Lol 😀 … kidding )

  7. @
    “Please Fight for what you want, asshole
    Not for relatives’ version of a good payroll”

    Far fetched, but funny

  8. @ joka lad,ammu : Err I have to say “whooosh ! U dumbos !” now 😉 😛

    @random dude: Please ..get my granma here and it becomes only helplessness 😐

    @ temp: Thanks man 🙂

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