Of ladies, paisa and orgasms

FOREWORD: At the risk of sounding patronizing,  I would say  I don’t completely agree with this

Considering that the readers are mature adults, kindly refrain from cheap reactions 😛


Need I say anything else ? 😉


ps: Just a filler! Real stuff’s coming up!

8 responses to “Of ladies, paisa and orgasms

  1. holy smokes!Lol ! 😀

  2. Hahahaha Lolzzz.

    Just a query. How do u end up finding all these types of articles ??/

  3. Had read it. By the way I somewhere found even a corollary of this theorem.
    “Savita Bhabhi won’t get much pleasure from farmers”

  4. @ stier:
    Ankit found it 😛 i am just a channel 😉

    @ sukesh:

  5. @Sukesh

    that’s why savita bhabhi is having a blast in her new job 😉

  6. Only a slut can tell this.

  7. @ anonnnnn : (is the number of n’s right 😉 )
    Sir/madam … please explain ! 🙂

  8. @ anonnnn :
    high five girl friend !! :))

    @ ghost runner:
    what type of search string do you use?

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