Joey versus Barney

The Announcement:

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Children of all ages! The Ghost Runner and the  Stud farm wing of IIM-Calcutta proudly present the match of all matches … ***JOEY*** VS ***BARNEY***

The Entries:

Joey enters the boxing Arena!  Background entry music : Akon’s I wanna f**k you !”

Barney enters the Arena! Background music : John Scatman’s “I am a scat man! “

The Fight:

And the battle begins ….

***Ting! Ting! ***

Round 1:

Ms. S and Ms.M were having break fast. I land up in front of them and ask , Ladies! If I ever ask you to choose between who is more awesome between Joey and Barney!”

Impulsively the girls said “Joey!!!”. Because he is supposedly cuter !

Round 1 winner: Joey


Round 2:

Then I heard some random guy shout from behind me , “When its awesomeness, you look at who is funnier, wittier and yes ! more awesome …”

Round 2 Winner: no contest … only a petition to change the rules of evaluation were given. Fair enough!!!


Round 3:

Anyway … even if it comes to just the “ladies-getting” potential , I have a rough estimate that Barney in 3 seasons got more girls than Joey did in 10 seasons. [Finance company honcho Barney gets more ladies than hot guy Joey! Do I see an imaginary Barney doing “high five”  somewhere !!! 😉 ]

Round 3 Winner: (on the basis of a big bank balance and sitcom statistics ) Barney


Round 4:

A certain European girl said …  “Joey is Italian !”

Aha! That brings me to another interesting point. Most people seem  to love everything Italian because it is supposedly very exotic and/or macho and/or fashionable 😛  ….. Mario Puzo, Pizza, God father, Rocky Balboa, Lasagna, and of course Joey Tribbiani !!!! 😉

Round 4 winner: (on the basis of being an Italian. And also according to some desperate ladies, looking like an Italian porn star) Joey


Round 5:

Barney says things like  “Bimbos  are mankind’s salvation because they delegate your frustration away without having to create a liability on you “,

While Joey says things like  “Hahaha! Yeah ! Duh! Err! Ahem !! hahaha”

Round 5 winner : (on the basis of  conquering girls with just one-liners  and winning fans with awesome wit & street smartness) Barney

So far its on level, 2 rounds to 2!

And may the battle continue  …. 😀

20 responses to “Joey versus Barney

  1. fuck you man!!! that was fucking awesome :))

  2. joey is not unintelligent … !! 😡

    rmr in season 10 — when he was asked if he had peanut butter in one hand … nd smokin hot gal in the otherone …. wht will he do…

    n he said … i’ll join both of my hands …

    nd the best one — “You dont have a TV, then what does your furniture points at ? ”

    wht could me more witter than him … hunn hunn ?? 😀

  3. lol .. nice and unique contest …. but come on dont give diplomatic results 😛

  4. hehe … thats why i left it open 😉 and said “may the battle continue”

  5. Well I have nothing to say this time ! You are getting better at your whatever it is 😛

  6. Awesome… there’s a lot we can learn from both Barney and Joey! 😀
    you didn’t talk about “how you doing” (Joey) and “legen, wait for it, dary” or “suit up” (Barney!) I guess you left it for later episodes!

  7. @ joka lad: thanks
    @ Abhishek: hey thats why i left the thread open at the end … throw in all your points 🙂

  8. I am totally for Barnie!!!
    The guy is legen.. wait for it… dary

    The Bro code..the wing man funda
    The gadget freak.. remember the episode when lilly comes to his home, she asks where is the TV, he switches on the huge tv and says the wall is the TV or something
    The suit up!!
    The episode in Haloween when he dresses like a diff guy everytime and tries to fool the hot chick but in vain…

    Oh i can go on and on

    One thing i m not liking is “Barnie getting Senti”, 4SE12 was good but i hated bcoz Barnie was getting too senti for Robin

    I hope the real Barnie come bk!!

  9. adding to RK ‘s comment …

    a friend pings me and says this on gtalk …

    “p*******: barney is the in thing
    Sent at 1:36 PM on Tuesday:

    doesnt that summarize all this 😉

    @ all:
    where is the Joey brigade …Barney is begnning to gain now I guess

  10. screw barney and joey
    ted’s better

  11. Teddddd!!!! – hmmm boring
    Just imagine HIMYM episodes without Barney!
    Then u wud know how boring it wudve been if not for Barney! A la saas bahu types boring

    Nevertheless no comments on ‘screwing barney and jeoy’ though… they wud love it 😛

  12. @ RK:
    haha … high five bro 😛

  13. @ harish
    Will there be another episode ? 🙂

  14. @ ghost runner
    Dude! I think Barney will have more support because he is still fresh in them minds of fans.
    The Joey character is more like a classic sitcom character of the past

  15. me wil write a continuation to this..

  16. @ ammu:
    maybe …

    @ joka lad:
    yeah … hear hear

    @ bhanu:
    screw it ! my idea …

  17. y are we even discussing this…it IS Barney

    Barney has a job, and a mysterious one, Joey acts..

    Barney prefers being naked than to wear a low quality suit, Joey prefers being naked to well almost everything.

    Barney has given us so many statistical, emperical & logical models compared to Joey’z wat …sorry didnt hear u …wat

    Can u even compare barneyz “u are fallen from heaven, angel” to “how u doin” “how u doin” !!

    and for godz sake he is a blonde…

  18. well said ! point taken 🙂

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  20. This is probably the most challenging task of all! They are both awesome in their own ways. (Yes, neutrality will pay in the end).

    May the best man win!!

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