Feminism meets LOTR

There is this super duper feminist lady in IIM-Calcutta!Lets call her Madame Rage (or R) for now …

And so we were having this fiery intellectual (yeah right! more like ‘ego-centric’ ) discussion on random celluloid stuff …

And Madame R said … “Okay ! You know why the orcs lost in Lord of the rings ?”

I went off into my own parallel realm of globe again , saying , “Well ! Its as per the law of nature and universal ethics …good prevails over the evil, the orcs were the bad guys and deserved to lose, the humans were relatviely honorable beings who cared for harmonious existence, etc.,”

R said, “Stop globing! They lost because the humans had women caring for them, cooking for them, and also giving a hand in the fighting! That inspired the men!  In LOTR, except for the Uruk Hai , who were created by Saruman, the other orcs were natural beings! But, there were no women-orcs in the movie!”

I was left dumb struck at the sharp observation!  😐

14 responses to “Feminism meets LOTR

  1. didn’t u try to find a flaw in the theory?

  2. I think the turnaround in the battle for middle earth came when the uruk-hai were defeated by the ents, who took over Isengard, and there were no she-ents in the movie

  3. @ rahul:
    Nope! I didn’t try to … I want to see whether the readers can come up with flaws 🙂

    @ doodle:
    Factual and Logical error!
    The story LOTR mentions “entwives” (maybe missed in the movie for flm-length reasons)
    “Tree beard ” even mentions at the end of book 2 (two towers) that now the ents can continue the search for entwives ..
    Hence, they the ents fought for revenge and also peace ( so that they can search for their females … hence this is one of the incentives)

    ps : shit ! Did i just support Madame R 😛

  4. There was one!!
    Shelob, the spider guardian of Cirith Ungol!!
    she-lob: she-spider
    I cant believe you could loose so easily!! duh!! bah!! pooh!! pshaw!!

    And who cares about caring/cooking of women when you have females like Shelob who almost killed Frodo…

    And of course she was not an orc, but that is not main point. Point is having females on one’s side.

  5. Orcs are aggressive beasts. They don’t need caring. They don’t need cooking either as they eat raw meat. Their belligerent war cries are enough to inspire them in the battlefield.

  6. people still fixated with lotr!! 😛

  7. There exists not a piece of fantasy litreature that can math upto LOTR and associated “legendrium of middle earth” 🙂

    LOTR forever ..but arent we digressing from the point of argument 😛

  8. I see that you have taken my lil’ comic line and made me a radical scary feminist on your blog

  9. hmm, now thats more like it 🙂

  10. @R (if it’s the same Madame R) how could it be possible to spot that thing out o/w? 😛

  11. @ gopal
    Hi ! Its just that there is hardly any mention whatsoever of any female orcs in the middle earth chronicles be it LOTR, hobbit, legendrium, etc.,

    At least orcs sound like men 🙂

  12. 🙂 awesome observation. hats off to R. 🙂

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