The Tolkien code

DISCLAIMER: Purely an idea that shot out of spending sleepless nights of mosquito-fighting and  job-dreaming

I suddenly noticed that according to Tolkien’s legendarium, elves and men, the more honorable of beings are said to be from the west.Remember that middle earth is referred to in fantasy as the historical earth long lost and forgotten. Now check this out …

The Ghost Runner’s Rundown

  1. Above is a map of Europe (left)  and Tolkien’s Middle Earth (right) !!! Now if you take Europe (western part esp.) on the left and tilt it upside down, you approximately get a geography that is shockingly almost equal to the map on the right, the Middle Earth !
  2. Add to that the fact that LotR was orginally written during the 2nd World War. based on this, I got some more deductions …
  3. By that logic, the final great battle for middle earth happens in Return of the King at the gates of Gondor, which alarmingly is indicating of the area where most of the battles were fought during World War 2
  4. The Numenorean kings are the ones who get cursed because they are greedy and easily corruptible! (Remember the guy who cuts off Sauron’s hand in LotR Part-1, takes the “one ring” and gets too obsessed with it to destroy it? He is one of them) Somehow these kings seem to be indicating the Germans and Italians during the World War 2. Also originally the kingdom of these kings, Gondor when turned upside down, looks like the combined shape of Germany and Italy (turned upside down of course)
  5. The dark realmMordor (from where the orcs come), by similar decuction , is the area of Russia and beyond. This is nothing but Asia. Is J.R.R.Tolkien the Englishman, secretly calling Asians Orcs ???
  6. Is he meaning to indicate that Asia is akin to Mordor , the land of savage and uncivilized beasts (much like the mind set of European colonial fellows)  ???
  7. The heavenly realm, home of the Valars,   is said to be the outermost west. The Valars are  the most powerful beings in the Middle Earth fantasy set.   Is Tolkien trying to flatter the Americans for better sales of his publication, by calling them powerful ??? 😛

For the record, I am an LotR fan myself. But any of these speculative deductions of mine, might well turn out to be true 😉

22 responses to “The Tolkien code

  1. Very interesting discovery …
    But to be really convinced by your argumentation, I would like to check if it’s true on a BIGGER map !!!
    Cause as far as I can see now, the middle earth could also look like a mix of Canada and Chile (if you reverse it of course) plus the half of Indonesia …
    Do u think Tolkien did that on purpose ???

  2. very interesting…..
    wait…. spaniards were hobbits….

  3. Check your mail For a reply (I couldn’t paste the text from the copyrighted PDF)

  4. perhaps its time to call for a ban on lotr in asia on account of this? 😛

  5. illusions !!
    analogy doesn’t fit for me!!

  6. @ mimi: globe ! globe ! 😛
    @obelix & dan: 🙂
    @jimmy: thanks .. but your stupid file answered nothing .At the least I would have expected counter facts but found JRR’s justifications vague. But no frets , Tolkien is great and my post is just random 😛
    @mythalez:refer to jimmy’s comment and my response . For want of less seriousness, I shall not get into details

  7. cool.. wil do some more research on this.

  8. Tolkien never used allegory, and that pretty much kills this whole thread.

  9. @ um:
    Did u even read the post or the comments ????

    It is only speculation … and Tolkein had historically been accused of this by various critics !

    Moreover my friend ! How would u ever know whether Tolkein (inside his head) intended or didnt intend all that has been said 🙂 …

  10. Tolkien absolutely did not use allegory in his writing, though Middle Earth is a representation of an ancient Europe, it cannot be compared to it directly with a map of Europe. What can be said is that the Shire is intended to be rural Britain, the misty mountains: the mountain range on the north shore of Norway, Rhun: asia, and Khand: the middle east. This is not based on map comparing but in the cultures and land features present in those areas.

  11. The plural of Valar is Vala. Also, the final battle for middle earth is between Morgoth (Melkor) and the and doesn’t occur during the LOTR trillogy. Sauron is just one of Morgoths Luitenents.
    As for the map, eh, I don’t see it, although I wouldn’t deny the possibility.

  12. Well yeah … but the battle you refer to is that of a time before the LOTR trilogy and of a time far after which is only a prophecy and not chronicles in the middle earth history. Sauron becomes dark lord after melkor’s death right ?

  13. From Tolkien’s letters there is said that Middle – Earth is Europe, but lanscape has changed. And is also said that Shire is in todays England, Mordor was where now is Black Sea and Gondor positioned about from Spain to Bulgaria.
    Furthermore Tolkien has confirmed that “The Lord Of The Rings” was never influenced by World War 2. (at least for the war part)
    And Tolkien didn’t refer to Western Island as nowadays America but rather Atlantis of the Middle – Earth time.
    You have a nice theory going here, but it just doesn’t work on facts.
    Sorry I just had to nitpick :).

  14. well thanks for the comment , mate 🙂

    By your analysis the theory does not work on *tolkein’s claims* …thats the only place I would like to differ since none of these *your defences* have been archaelogically verified or validated ! So they are just claims and thats it … all authors whether false or true , great or insubstantial would still make claims affable to the allusions of their book … so its a theory that might not be true but is not proved false by FACTS either 🙂

  15. Your geographical assumptions carry some weight, but it’s the assumptions that you make in 5,6,7 which bother me the most. It’s pretty obvious that Middle-Earth was based on Europe, but the underlying question you seem to be asking is, “Was Tolkien racist?”

    Tolken may have been Eurocentric, (after all, his life’s work was the study of ancient European languages) but they are far from racist. His writings were influenced by the things he knew best: his heritage and European history. Read the debate over race section of the Tolkien article in Wikipedia. Tolkien expresses disgust over the mistreatment of blacks, and while regarding Jews he says, “I regret that I appear to have no ancestors of that gifted people.” He was proud of his German heritage but hated the way the Nazis used it for thier race-doctrine.

    Lord of the Rings is applicable to many events in the 20th centure, but it is not an allegory of WWII and was never intended to be one. Much of LOTR was written before WWII began. Tolkien’s foreword to LOTR explains a lot about this.

  16. One more thing, I don’t think you were being serious when you said it, but the home of the Valar has very little to do with the Americas. If anything, I think that Rohan represents the United States coming to Britain’s aid. Americans, like the people of Rohan, are seen as less proper and more rugged by the British. The Rohan could also be portraying medieval France, which always had more cavalry than the English, but I don’t this is as likely.

  17. @ cotton. The racist thing was just somewhere between a jape and a snack for thought …. No heavy handedness underneath ! 🙂


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  19. Mademoiselle Amandine

    Ah…sleepless nights. I find this interesting! I’ve never noticed the map thing before. True or not, whatever, it’s interesting. We’ll never know what Tolkien’s true motives and intentions were, but what we find and come up from his stuff on our own, I think, is also important.

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