Raaz : a bundle of copied ideas

Saw the movie ‘Raaz: the mystery continues’ at the South city mall yesterday

The movie was a combination of heavy influences from …

  1. Exorcist (the part just before the interval where Kangana goes up in air and starts speaking like Hulk Hogan 😉 )
  2. The Ring (the whole 2nd half  consisting of the exploration for the reason behind the spirit’s wrath) …
  3. The first half was distinctly some forgotten English movie during the 90s (the name of which I don’t remember).The whole concept of the artist being able to read her future is directly lifted from that movie.If someone finds it throw a link in the comments

Better than “bottom of the pyramid” horror shit

Unlike the old Raaz (the Bipasha Basu starrer) which was again a remake of What lies beneath, this was a better movie. It didn’t depend on sexual scintillations randomly.

And like the Ramsay brand of B-grade horror, it didn’t depend too much on excess gore either. (Of course the ladies might still say it was gore though 😛 … but girls are girls !!! )

Also,like the recent barrage of RGV bull shit , it didn’t have arbitrary sound effects  and super-ugly house maids.

The actors

Kangana is not an awesome actress. But her face and demeanor matches perfectly to that of a Gothic heroine. I think that no one among the more beautiful heroines in current Bollywood matches that.

Emraan Hashmi fitted the role. He does the underdog saviour kind of roles much better than he does the kissing roles

The rest don’t know how to act

Rumours and facts

There are rumours  of strange incidents happening at Kalindi. So whatever the validity is , the movie captures Indian ism very distinctly. Kudos to the director for being able to synchronize the Indian setting with the copid ghost ideas from foreign movies

The plot and movie

The second half has become a bit boring.It drags a good deal.Makes you think  at some scenes that you are watching one of those sub-standard citi cable (local telugu channel in 90s) D-grade horror serials

The Big plot-wise blunder is making the spirit a good spirit in the end. Contradicts the whole aura created in the first half of a bad-ass Satanic force.I mean why would a good spirit

  1. Conjure stuff like a  “God is dead” catch phrase in blood on a lap top.
  2. Catch kangana naked in the bath tub and try to do weird things to her (perverted ghost 😛  ?? )

Anyway useless logic apart , second half could have been better.

The music is good.

Nutshell opinion

Overall, I guess its definitely worth a try! Don’t expect anything . Then, you would find  it’s much better than most other shit that’s being doled out these days

. And yes !It is any day scarier than an RGV movie .


ps: Of course! If you are a sissy don’t watch it. Otherwise you will start seeing stuff in the bathroom mirror 😉

5 responses to “Raaz : a bundle of copied ideas

  1. Did you go for the movie or kangana 😛 ??

  2. I agree that second half lost the aura created in the first half… I too was expecting the ghost to be a bad guy… one thing though I am still not able to understand, what reason did he have to try and kill Kangana’s character?!

  3. I think thats an apt review.. The second half was like a B grade Hindi movie, but the first half had some brilliant scenes.

  4. That scene in the church where she throws away the sheet to show scratch-marks to her fiance was from Devil’s Advocate, though not nearly as powerful.

    Of course being an Indian movie, they didn’t take out all the clothes, so the scratches were not as striking, hence the loss of effect.

  5. totaly agree.. its okay for the spirit to be good, but why did he attack kangana? And, at the end the guy blames kangana saying that, she was the motive behind all his follies for money, but again, he has no issues killing her also. Kinda logic less right?

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