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Joey vs Barney Part 2: The poll

The analysis in the previous part followed by democracy in the sequel 😉 …please vote!

pre-Poll estimates : I am sure I know who will win! But for the sake of unbiased results-orientation 😉 , I shall refrain from saying anything.

et tu, music

In the days of the IIITian dream head, I used to listen to nothing but metal. For everything …. and every occasion.

Then I went into loggerheads with  this French girl,   dscn1112 my STEP buddy who seems to hate metal and worship sissy pop music!

And the clash in the true professional management style led to a collaboration, a compromise , a middle-state convergence.   (do I hear the people shout Glooobe !!  😉 )

I still dont listen to shit like Britney and kiddo teenage  music like that of Backstreet boys.But … a little more flexibility has creeped into my musical part of life  🙂

So these are I guess the kinds of music I would recommend listening to on different occasions.

Running :  heavy on the lyrics – something you sing along with energy and gutso .. (alternate rock ,gothic metal, nu metal and trust me ..senti songs 😛 , ——to name a few, hhh, evanescence, maiden, eminem, etc.,)

Weights in the gym: heavy on the beats ..which causes enough disturbance in your head to forget the heaviness of the weights. My favourite here being an orchestra called INVASION which is also the entrnace music for Bill Goldberg. (apart from heavy metal, hard rap …also South Indian item numbers 😛 ,  Punjabi etc, should do 😉 )

Dance or aerobics –  techno, indi pop remixes (they work !!)

daaru (drinks) sessions –  trance, house or latesht filmi music

(if you are sad with daaru … nothing matches better than Dev D    😀 )

Candle Lit dinner dates : French orchestra any day.

Fast Food dinner dates: Indian filmy music, the foot-tapping ones

Sleep inducing – any lyric less music … instrumental versions of soft songs, orchestras et al.

Love making: I seriously won’t comment on this …. lol

~et tu, music

The experience

It was quiet out there

With me filling  application forms

Those cliche’ formalities and norms

The night was calm and bare

I fell asleep … too tired to care

Dreaming of  market-crisis … I throw up

Crazy Theories …  To say its all over

Would  I even afford a lawn mower  ? 😛

Was still writing an SOP, life’s sum-up

Wanted pets … but can I afford a pup ?


Then I shifted dreamland to short term

Like a person hesitant of the future

Thoughts one not commended to nurture

Wondered like a crisis-struck IIMian pachyderm

If placements would see the brand still firm


“Conspiracy theories you have” … one said

“Out there . learning curve has  value now”

But still, the uneasiness persists … Mr.know-how!

Am still  worried about butter and bread

And if I can afford imported marmalede spread  😉


Then I wake up to see the dawn

In a jog, I feel the morning gale

Like an innocent grace of a fawn

In sun, my face was no more pale

Cheered up inspite of the dreamy tale


Solution for this fear, I don’t have

But no point in being overly fearful

No solution for now that’s all suave

But the  morning jog  made me cheerful

Today’s break fast was so marmalede-full 😛


Again , now, it is quiet out there

With me filling  application forms

Those cliche’ formalities and norms

The morning is again calm and bare

I compose poetry … too charged to care

Of Dev D and Emosanal Attyachar

Last night at South City mall was when the IIMCians decided to make the most of the weekend by hitting the movie Dev D.

Well the theatre was filled with IIMC folks. Anyway …

Dev D: A movie that in a modern and a straight-forward way glorified a state of experiential anguish termed Emosanal Attyachaar

🙂 (The ATTYACHAR related song has become a cult classic on campus here . Large chunks of this concept find similarities in my posts on boys and girls 😛 all in good jest of course )

The first part of Dev and Paro was fun downright to the last chunk of toilet humour and obscene comedy. The foreign girl story line  was boring and cliche’ .

The getting stoned,drunk, mashed , wasted part of  the movie where the hero is on a high throughout aptly depicted .Especially I am sure, for those who have experienced that long duration stoned state at least once in  their lives.Even the camera work and imagery were well done!

The second half dragged to the extent of being absolutely intolerable at places. The ending was predictable. I felt that the resurrection of the hero could have been shown in a better way.But that part was hastily done and unecessary excess-time was given to the part where he is getting all drunk and stoned.

Comparisons with the original Devdas (the SRK one! I have no idea of the Dilip Kumar starrer) :

  1. Definitely more contemporary w.r.t reasons for break up,  (the whole fault bends more towards the guy now and hence he suffers more)
  2. Mr.Chunni  being just a cheap pimp and not a glorified altrusitic pimp like Jacky’s Chunni lal
  3. More about lust and attraction which is directly depicted.
  4. Of course there is no useless melodrama, but more in-your-face comedy, irony and realism
  5. Abhay Deol doesn’t match SRK in acting of course.

Anyway it was overall a boring movie. But an okayish experience if watched for the “emosanal attyachar” concept, and if the whole theatre is filled with your college’s people … making the sounds you generally see in a Professor-less class room .  😀

Of Taj-Eiffel Combo and brutal honesty

It happened that this queer little incident occurred at BBQ in Park street, undoubtedly one of the most famous and value-for-your-money restaurants in Kolkata.

So anyway, the runner was on this last outing with the foreign exchange students, several of them being French. And in the midst of words, he happened to think of something that was funny to his head.So he said,

“The Eiffel tower actually looks like a dick (penis) and of course the runner , true to his unabashed brutal honesty about arbit things, did it while showing his middle finger in the air to visually represent the male genitals 😛

The following three seconds were the longest three seconds of his life. They had weird expressions. the French. The kind of faces you make while making a mental double check. A double check at the words heard before you finally lunge at someone to kick his ass !

And so, damage control time and the runner luckily did it …again with his annoying and painstakingly brutal honesty …

“And well the main dome of  the Taj Mahal actually completes the picture … it looks like b***s”

At this the whole crowd burst out laughing. Not because the runner blasted his own nation’s monument, but becasue of his way of dealing with his brutal honesty with brutal honesty. By showing no patriotic favoritism while describing obscene allusions of national monuments. 😉

~ NOM (no offence meant)

~ Both are unbelievably beautiful pieces of architecture

~ Sorry Mr.S.Jahan, sorry Mr.Eiffel 🙂