Of Dev D and Emosanal Attyachar

Last night at South City mall was when the IIMCians decided to make the most of the weekend by hitting the movie Dev D.

Well the theatre was filled with IIMC folks. Anyway …

Dev D: A movie that in a modern and a straight-forward way glorified a state of experiential anguish termed Emosanal Attyachaar

🙂 (The ATTYACHAR related song has become a cult classic on campus here . Large chunks of this concept find similarities in my posts on boys and girls 😛 all in good jest of course )

The first part of Dev and Paro was fun downright to the last chunk of toilet humour and obscene comedy. The foreign girl story line  was boring and cliche’ .

The getting stoned,drunk, mashed , wasted part of  the movie where the hero is on a high throughout aptly depicted .Especially I am sure, for those who have experienced that long duration stoned state at least once in  their lives.Even the camera work and imagery were well done!

The second half dragged to the extent of being absolutely intolerable at places. The ending was predictable. I felt that the resurrection of the hero could have been shown in a better way.But that part was hastily done and unecessary excess-time was given to the part where he is getting all drunk and stoned.

Comparisons with the original Devdas (the SRK one! I have no idea of the Dilip Kumar starrer) :

  1. Definitely more contemporary w.r.t reasons for break up,  (the whole fault bends more towards the guy now and hence he suffers more)
  2. Mr.Chunni  being just a cheap pimp and not a glorified altrusitic pimp like Jacky’s Chunni lal
  3. More about lust and attraction which is directly depicted.
  4. Of course there is no useless melodrama, but more in-your-face comedy, irony and realism
  5. Abhay Deol doesn’t match SRK in acting of course.

Anyway it was overall a boring movie. But an okayish experience if watched for the “emosanal attyachar” concept, and if the whole theatre is filled with your college’s people … making the sounds you generally see in a Professor-less class room .  😀

7 responses to “Of Dev D and Emosanal Attyachar

  1. But it was funny at the theatre with the crowd making all the noise 🙂

  2. There are many who loved it

    @ rob
    You probably fell asleep and hence you dont qualify to make comments 😛

  3. Had high expectations from it … turned out to b super stupid in 2nd half !!
    Total KLPD

  4. You are probably looking at the movie too intellectually. If so, you wouldn’t like any of the chopra movies. No comments on the music, which is far more outstanding than Ghajini or RNBDJ or anything else this year.

    Besides that, if you were the script writer, how else would you wake up from the slumber the way the protagonist does. probably a more kafka-ish resurrection? I’m not sure when will we Indians look at a good movie and say so.

    I for that matter loved the way they showed the dark side of Dilli, the underground scene, rustic punjab, beautiful photography. And thank Abhay for so many off beat movie off late. He is a fantastic actors with a lot more to come. Let’s be fair to this movie…

  5. All I know is I found it boring and dragging in the second half !!!

    Anyway for the sake of a more serious discussion,

    Dev D is supposed to be an ***intellectually*** urban answer to the dramatic & kitsch Devdas!
    It was an attempt a honest one for a start! But call it a good movie/ master piece , then God save the Indian cinematic benchmarks!


  6. The story of Devdas is a ready-made platform for endless psycho-analysis and study of contemporary social framework. The original tale relied on the notions of platonic love whereas Dev D is about physical love. It relies on on-face shock value! Devdas is a coward who is defeated by the social prejudices and carries the guilt throughout his life. He drinks in order to forget his cowardice. Dev D and all the other characters of Kashyap’s tale aren’t influenced by the social norms. Both stories thereby reflecting their specific era.

    The character sketching is unique. Dev is played to near perfection by Abhay Deol, whose performance is quiet and confident. Paro (Mahie Gill) is no more the sacrificial damsel who lives physically and mentally with different men. Kashyap also maintains the audience’s distance from the characters using the brilliance in script and smooth editing. He never allows us to sympathize with the characters, thereby shifting the focus from one to the other- a rare work of imagery, indeed!

    I strongly feel Kashyap could have gone with a better actress for Chanda (Kalki Koechlin). Chanda’s part was not exploited well. The psychological impact of the whole mms incident on her which leads to the suicide of her father never showed up. It was a perfect opportunity to tell the world about the feelings of a girl, and all the hardships she goes through because of one mms!

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