et tu, music

In the days of the IIITian dream head, I used to listen to nothing but metal. For everything …. and every occasion.

Then I went into loggerheads with  this French girl,   dscn1112 my STEP buddy who seems to hate metal and worship sissy pop music!

And the clash in the true professional management style led to a collaboration, a compromise , a middle-state convergence.   (do I hear the people shout Glooobe !!  😉 )

I still dont listen to shit like Britney and kiddo teenage  music like that of Backstreet boys.But … a little more flexibility has creeped into my musical part of life  🙂

So these are I guess the kinds of music I would recommend listening to on different occasions.

Running :  heavy on the lyrics – something you sing along with energy and gutso .. (alternate rock ,gothic metal, nu metal and trust me ..senti songs 😛 , ——to name a few, hhh, evanescence, maiden, eminem, etc.,)

Weights in the gym: heavy on the beats ..which causes enough disturbance in your head to forget the heaviness of the weights. My favourite here being an orchestra called INVASION which is also the entrnace music for Bill Goldberg. (apart from heavy metal, hard rap …also South Indian item numbers 😛 ,  Punjabi etc, should do 😉 )

Dance or aerobics –  techno, indi pop remixes (they work !!)

daaru (drinks) sessions –  trance, house or latesht filmi music

(if you are sad with daaru … nothing matches better than Dev D    😀 )

Candle Lit dinner dates : French orchestra any day.

Fast Food dinner dates: Indian filmy music, the foot-tapping ones

Sleep inducing – any lyric less music … instrumental versions of soft songs, orchestras et al.

Love making: I seriously won’t comment on this …. lol

~et tu, music

15 responses to “et tu, music

  1. Nice… I used some rock music while exercising and it really made the exercise easier… what about Jazz music like Kenny G? Where can I fit that in?

  2. seems more like an attempt to show off your various activities rather than a discussion about music 😛 😛

  3. @ sainani:
    jazz for daaru 😉

    @ mythalez:
    what the … ?? Accusing my creative thinking with your perversion ! Pervert ! Pervert ! 😛

  4. your STEP "buddy"

    Let me first rectify a terrible mistake : I DON T LISTEN TO THE BACKSTREET BOYS !
    I used to like them when I was 8 years old but I’m not in love with them anymore 😉

  5. @ ghost runner:
    funny and lol@ step ‘buddy’

  6. @ joka lad : 🙂

    @ sukesh: i am doing social service not showing off 😛

  7. music katte music ! Yeh kab se mere bhai ?

  8. the last line ! what does it mean ? Discretion or ignorance 😐

  9. mythalez +1

  10. i can where is it coming from …. u born doggie n will remain so all ur life !!
    did running trait came frm this dogginess ? 😛

  11. i can c where is it coming from …. u born doggie n will remain so all ur life !!
    did running trait came frm this dogginess ? 😛

  12. @ joka dhoka : bachpan se 😛
    @ rahul: yeah rite
    @ sumeet: if ‘doggie’ meant my consistency in running 😉 well ! thanks
    what happ to ur interview ?

  13. Ee et tu concept enti?

  14. remember caesar’s “et tu brute” meaning “you to brutus” ??

    so similarly .. ee “music ” cncept” meda kooda sollu kottamani ardham 🙂

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