Joey vs Barney Part 2: The poll

The analysis in the previous part followed by democracy in the sequel 😉 …please vote!

pre-Poll estimates : I am sure I know who will win! But for the sake of unbiased results-orientation 😉 , I shall refrain from saying anything.

10 responses to “Joey vs Barney Part 2: The poll

  1. UPDATE 10:41 AM 18th feb : 6 to 5 …closer than i thought

  2. UPDATE 15:32 18th feb: joey’s taken over … :O

  3. F*** joey…..when this is done barney will rightfully be declared the winner and it will be legen…..wait for it, wait for it…

  4. UPDATE 19:@1 18th feb … joey still leads …this was unexpected !!will the real barneys please wake up ?

  5. UPDATE 22:36 … 18th feb

    hey Barney has just broken even and is in the lead .. 😉

  6. man ! random as it seems your ideas justify your blogginess 😉

  7. your STEP "buddy"

    Anyway, I VOTE FOR ROSS GELLER !!!!

    The best guy ever !!!
    Love him 😉

  8. Barney for ever
    I am sure joey’s votes above are from immature barbies who voted him because they think he is cute/italian. As obelix would say. these girls are f***ing crazy !

  9. blog! When you blogged even during exams and placements , what happened now that u r to”thalli” free 😉

  10. I was the tie breaker!

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