Between the Gugni

I sat there outside the campus eating the egg bread gugni , an excellent dish for break fast.

I looked at it wondering how come it is so far better than the stuff we get inside the campus at double the price. And the thoughts flowed backwards …

The previous night was a grave yard shift without a wink of sleep. I remember myself running around the campus at Joka at 3 AM while most of the stud farmers (my wingies … majorly the only group left in the campus right now) were busy playing Poker over smokes.Lets go further back …

At my room, a bit drunk and seeing  War lords (chinese movie starring Jet Li)  And somehow , came to understand that all chinese periodicals depicting war, are directly related to one or more of the thirteen chapters of Sun Tzu’s Art of War ( I guess any mgmt. student  would love this book 🙂 ) Rewind karo …

I was at Magnolia in Park street drinking Old Monk (not much of a drinker. But couldn’t resist the sentiment. Behind the potentially last outing with the last few guys who stayed behind ). You go further back …

Scene shifts to Some place else …  widely regarded as the most popular bar in Kolkata. A group of two boys and three girls I guess is never a bad-ratio crowd in a bar. And that too in India 😛 . They were locals …non IIMians talking about their college festival starting on 13th. They seem to be living in a myth that IIMians are arrogant snobs always trying to show off their brand power.  And all it took to shatter their misnomers, was to be nice and friendly with them.   Lets move to an earlier part of the evening …

I was at tollygunj booking my local train ticket to park street.It was 7 stations away. The Kolkata metro is an awesomely well managed local train system. I would dare say, as good as the local train service in Singapore,  sans the Air conditioning  of course.  Kolkata metro should have been  allowed to develop beyond the limited number of areas it covers. Anyway, going further back ….

Coming to think of it, Kolkata does celebrate Holi well. Near the tollygunj station, preparations for a huge bon-fire were being made. Lots of bhang was being brought in. Across from shaker bazaar to Behala to TOllygunj I could see see such preparations in multitudes. I was vaguely, in a subtle way, happy to witness all these … Rewind by a couple of hours!

I sat there  in my room squabbling over the fact that the recession is a bad thing. But it also showed the IIMs that they are not Gods. That they too need to work hard. So in the end, it is a good thing that the economic crisis has occurred at this time for it is a lesson that life’s got no short cuts 🙂 Lets shift even further into the past …

I was talking to one of uncle’s friends , the head of Sandvik (Calcutta office). Though a big man, he is still in awe of an IIMian. So I guess the respect to the brand stays. As long as  expectations are not raised to God-level again  … lol. Rewind to the chronological start of this post …

I was eating the gugni with the boiled egg. Somehow i felt that, that evening,  I am in for  a clarifying introspective experience 🙂

~ HappyHoliToThoseWhoCelebrate

13 responses to “Between the Gugni

  1. Lol !Do I notice the legendary ghost runner of joka actually going senti somewhere inside ???

  2. Too much post dada ooops baba 🙂

    gugni ki yaad dila di yaar 😀 ..

    Enjoy the remaining days at joka

  3. >>”ganpat kaun hai”<<
    “gugni kya hai”


  5. finalloy something nice to read

  6. rewind and rewind until u forget? 😛

  7. @ ammu: its just a travelogue … and thanks for the grandeur in the description though sarcastic 😛

    @lokuji : lokujeeeee ….welcome to the blog 😀

    @joka lad, alok, obelix, mythalez : 🙂

    @ sukesh: its bun with chenna sometimes with an omelette on top of it …something like pav bhaji

  8. good narration dabba 🙂

  9. Gugni rox
    Joka rox
    NH rox
    NH Lan room rox
    NH poker rox
    ghost runner rox 😀

  10. too much baba.
    gugni roxxx

    waise wat wer u doin chattin with random ppl in a bar. baki log kahan gaye

  11. u have awesome skill of writing ……

    Will stay here for more time ……..

  12. @ all above : honored 🙂

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