Metro-Kolkatan epic: Pilot episode

For many days I wanted to travel in the metro the one in Kolkata. But never did it in 2 years. Thanks to the consistently persistent nagging of my fellow-con-man Mr.Mike Talman aka Chirag Desai 😛 , I mustered the audacity to defy my motion-sickness and travel by the metro …

And then there had been no looking back and the adventures began ,,,, So it begins the “metro” – kolkatan epic 🙂 , a saga of bufoonery, randomness and Bongland

[the (mis)adventures take off from next post…]

6 responses to “Metro-Kolkatan epic: Pilot episode

  1. bongaland kya hai saale?

  2. what is this Bong land

  3. Bongland = Bengal 😛

  4. Aha ! I foresee a no-limits, rude, crude, slapstick, obscence , kuntry , sarcastic, yet hatke’, stylish and striaghtforward series of monkeyism coming up 😉

  5. In short , can’t wait for the narrations to begin

  6. aha ! chirag u said ?

    Now we know whom to kick !

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