Interlude 4th April: Convocation Day

The in-your-face FOREWORD:

I would leave the redundancies of the  details,the convocation speeches, the events,  the placement figures, the list of Business research publications, the mood of the convocation et al.,  to the press, the media and those who have the unearthly patience to set it all down in the midst of a heavy duty nostalgia

And now , the single most dense thought in my head at the moment….

Our folks (parents, uncles, aunts etc.,) ,  come to leave us at school on the first day of our kindergarten . We are crying (explicitly) because we are being thrown into education …

cut to the present ..

Our folks again come back to witness our convocation and take us out (symbolically) of this education . We are crying again (inside) because we have become so used to this student’s life which we have grown to love ….

Pals, Jokalanders and fighters ….

God bless you all 🙂 and even if He doesn’t, it doesn’t matter … for you are more REAL than He is, and that is what (I guess) He wants you to think  🙂

I salute thee !

9 responses to “Interlude 4th April: Convocation Day

  1. Awesome post… specially the paradigm shift.. good luck dude.. see you somewhere in future 🙂

  2. kewl!!
    welcome to real-life now…its the time, neh?? 😛

  3. Nice thought 🙂

  4. welcome to the REAL-world ! … and I am sure you will cry again(inside again!) for taking you out of the REAL-World! 🙂

    … nice thought anyway!

  5. 🙂 wish u luck.. where are u these days?

  6. All the best for the new life ahead!

  7. baba marofying senti without marofying senti 😉

  8. interesting 🙂 .. good luck for the next part .. 🙂

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