Anticlimax: the night of solitary nostalgia

They have all left, the 2009 batch (pie batch)  Jokalanders. I look at the watch and its 10:30 Am now … me the last person on campus.

Last night I jogged the proverbial last run on the roads of the campus. The Prof. taking an evening  walk with his wife , the FP students chatting at the Amul shop, probably even the snake trying to catch the fat mouse et al., knew that this is the ghost runner’s last freakishly useless run on the grounds of IIM-C. Haha anyone listening ? 😛

Well ! I have a flight at 4:30 PM so I would be leaving soon.

Call it cognitive gothicism or even subtle masochism that I find a vague pleasure in seeing them all leave one after the other, in being the last man on campus.I don’t do senti,  never been my forte’ …but my loyalties towards Jokaland trigger a small sense of pride that I stayed in Joka a little longer than the rest  (as if that matters !)

On the flip side , Jokaland (IIM-C) has given me back what Gachibowli Insti of tech (IIIT-H) destroyed , at least most of it 😛  Now all bullshit said and done…  I am happy to go back home …  sio nara 🙂

2 responses to “Anticlimax: the night of solitary nostalgia

  1. “this is the ghost runner’s last freakishly useless run”

    Haha ! Baba !! its impossible to figure out whether you are a snob or self-hater 😛

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