“Fox-park Theory” aka **Nakka Thoka Thokkudu Prabanjanam**

Foreword/ Glossary

Nakka= Fox

Thoka= Tail

Thokkudu = Stepping

Prabanjanam = That which breaks thoroughly. Wind  [in this context, a powerful occuring]


In the heart of the Telugu language, exists the concept of “nakka thokkadam“! Derived from a myth that if one steps on a fox’s tail, one shall be bestowed with lots of short term luck.Hence, the person who reached the pinnacle of success would be considered in the symbolic sense as the owner of a fox-park. Amen !


When uncertainty leads to success we hardly notice it. At least to the outer world, we have to delegate the credit to the successful. Because calling the successful “lucky” and not “meritorious” would automatically throw a tag on you called “jealousy” 🙂

And so everything in the long term converges to one thing. The saying that says, luck (uncertainty leading to success) is an Universal open secret! In the world of politeness/manners, as scary to utter as J.K.Rowling’s Voldemort or Asimov’s Mother Planet Earth … In spite of the vast significance, it doesn’t harbor anywhere near political correctness or the laws of gentlemanly appreciation 🙂

But the concept does exist. For those lucky few…

6 responses to ““Fox-park Theory” aka **Nakka Thoka Thokkudu Prabanjanam**

  1. lol @ fox park

  2. how about a serial called “fox park west” where things are more random than that old one called central park west 😉

  3. An old post in your blog sees you calling yourself the ‘fluke-master’! Any connections to this post ???

  4. intellectual faff ki vasthe,
    asalu nuvvu bangaram ra.

    You write what everyone knows still make us stare at your blog in awe

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  6. Dhoni owns one/two parks

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