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The secret of practical Creativity

“Contrary to what theory says, there is an open-secret generalization of creativity”, said the Oracle, “a best practice which folks in the fast paced modern world perfected in academics, industry,films,etc.”

“What ? Is it inspiration? Things like love or some other strong emotion?” asked good ol’ abbulugadu

“Naah! True creativity is knowing how to hide your resources!”


ps: 55 fiction  ! The first attempt … also inspired from a certain status message in my gtalk list 🙂

From Sprite to Traffic-cops to Automation

And there I was drinking the random chai from a road-side vendor when I noticed this oh-so-common yet thought provoking scene …

A police jeep takes a pit stop by a local cool drink dukhan (shop) . The main officer signals with a thumb-and-jerking motion from inside the jeep. And a boy comes running to give the police officer a sprite-bottle. The boy puts out his hand for the fare of the cool drink. The officer gives him a queer look. The shop keeper runs out apologetically takes the boy away, doing a “salaam saab” sorta gesture ….

The little shop keeper or his tinier boy could do nothing about it. Of course! There is the fear of the police ! But apart from that …the shop keeper might also be buying some good-will from the police officer considering he is the local circle inspector! It perhaps includes everything from subtle corruption from the shopkeeper’s side to security-exploited bullying from the C.I’s side.

The solution ? I am not talking of blaming the police. A sense of power soemtimes might overwhelm all humans. And God knows  how much he had to bribe his way to the police trainers so that he could sit someday in the inspector’s seat he occupies now.

I am not blaming the shopkeeper. In a fragmented world of chotu dukhaan (small shops) competition, it s always good to claim you are in the dosti category of the law-enforcement agency (police !! who else! )

SO the solution! Simple! Economic automatic  machines (vending machines)  in the small shops!Perhaps mass imlementation can be done by the govt. handing over such a project to the electronic companies…

Throw in coins and get out the sprite bottle. That way the officer  can’t explicitly ask the shop keeper to take out the latter’s own coins. That as I said is too explicit and hence, the C.I would use his own coins.

No one’s ego hurt. No temptations to power-abuse ! All happies  😛 ! Society a tad better 🙂 !

~Ghost Runner

When Studs go meek and Muggus rule

If God was a Banker (by R.Subramanian, IIM-B alumnus and working for over a decade with NYB).. the first book I finished in one sitting!

Its a book that takes you through the banking scenario in India (from a high-flying foreign bank’s perspective). Through the conservative 80s to the emerging 90s to the swash buckling dawn of the new millennium …

The plot

Read the book! I am not bent on screwing your fun 🙂

The kinky show

The excessive sleaze show in the initial part of the book sort of keeps any hormones–functioning boy hooked! But it also gets you wondering whether such skin-depicting travesty was necessary!

But think  a little beyond the initial impression. And then it strikes! The banking couch ( analogous to the casting couch in filmdom ) is what I would call it. For instance, a junior banker sleeping with the boss because of

  1. fear of his power ‘n’ position
  2. charisma (he’s rich , handsome , classy, promotions-giving and the super-stud ! )

depiction of how the current dynamic generation of India is a perfect example of closet-capitalism !

The banking and business

Showcases Indians dominate scenarios where no-brainers are a strict no-no! Be it in India or abroad

Also highlights the fact that slow and steady wins the race. The flashy super studly,aggressive ,  “dude” gets clobbered in the end while the cautious, calm and “uncle”-like guy comes on top.

Of course , the generalization in being extremely cautious or extremely aggressive in banking are debatable though.


A literature guy would hate it for the preference of depiction of context over unnecessary description of scenes.

All in all , a good-but-not brilliant book. A capitalistic bitch would love it  for portraying her tenacity in using shady means to rise. A good girl would love it for the strong pro-woman stance towards the climax. A banker would love it for reflecting his kind of life. A lay-man would love it for the sheer simplicity and straight-forwardness of language. (Dan Brown like detailing is avoided deliberately). An IIM-B student would worship it because its from one of their successful alum.

ps: Next stop … Jerusalem’s Lot by Stephen King . Re4ading this book is to be done strictly at night in order to create the aura of the horror thriller it is supposed to be

Sickness of Opportunity cost

Sans the R and D usage scenario … most computer systems in our state don’t go for their average processing usage beyond 20%. Most of them are used for ground level  operations

And that means we are talking ~20 million (= 2 crore) systems in our state with an average price of Rs.30,000! Which have an average CPU usage of only 20%

That means on an overall basis , we lose Rs.(0.8*20mn*30,000) = Rs.48000 crores / Rs.480 billion in terms of opportunity lost

(In A.P alone! In other states, its even worse! Abroad its further more un-imaginable)

~One basic flaw in the argument! The reader who identifies it first gets a treat 😀

The B philosphy

DISCLAIMER:The author was never such a protagonist. He saw this (statement/incident) somewhere, forgot where/when he saw it, but decided to  post anyway! The true owner of this philosophy is permitted to sue the author and spice up his life a bit 🙂

The possibility of a man finding (rather,thinking  that he found) his dream girl/ soul mate occurs with pyramidal progression, in the following often-seen cases:

  • When he is on a date with someone else
  • When he is already married/ engaged
  • When our protagonist’s soul mate is with another man who is way more desirable than the protagonist

Isn’t life tragic 😛

When kings arrive …

Much awaited was the arrival of the previous post‘s quoter …

And a frequency is seen that in my head, strikes a blogging analogy to a corporate acquisition 🙂 This is just a recent sample

I in 20 days learnt a lot of a world I didn’t see emphatically, for the last 20 years.

My blogroll just got an extra value-add