When Studs go meek and Muggus rule

If God was a Banker (by R.Subramanian, IIM-B alumnus and working for over a decade with NYB).. the first book I finished in one sitting!

Its a book that takes you through the banking scenario in India (from a high-flying foreign bank’s perspective). Through the conservative 80s to the emerging 90s to the swash buckling dawn of the new millennium …

The plot

Read the book! I am not bent on screwing your fun ๐Ÿ™‚

The kinky show

The excessive sleaze show in the initial part of the book sort of keeps any hormones–functioning boy hooked! But it also gets you wondering whether such skin-depicting travesty was necessary!

But thinkย  a little beyond the initial impression. And then it strikes! The banking couch ( analogous to the casting couch in filmdom ) is what I would call it. For instance, a junior banker sleeping with the boss because of

  1. fear of his power ‘n’ position
  2. charisma (he’s rich , handsome , classy, promotions-giving and the super-stud ! )

depiction of how the current dynamic generation of India is a perfect example of closet-capitalism !

The banking and business

Showcases Indians dominate scenarios where no-brainers are a strict no-no! Be it in India or abroad

Also highlights the fact that slow and steady wins the race. The flashy super studly,aggressive ,ย  “dude” gets clobbered in the end while the cautious, calm and “uncle”-like guy comes on top.

Of course , the generalization in being extremely cautious or extremely aggressive in banking are debatable though.


A literature guy would hate it for the preference of depiction of context over unnecessary description of scenes.

All in all , a good-but-not brilliant book. A capitalistic bitch would love itย  for portraying her tenacity in using shady means to rise. A good girl would love it for the strong pro-woman stance towards the climax. A banker would love it for reflecting his kind of life. A lay-man would love it for the sheer simplicity and straight-forwardness of language. (Dan Brown like detailing is avoided deliberately). An IIM-B student would worship it because its from one of their successful alum.

ps: Next stop … Jerusalem’s Lot by Stephen King . Re4ading this book is to be done strictly at night in order to create the aura of the horror thriller it is supposed to be

5 responses to “When Studs go meek and Muggus rule

  1. “closet capitalism”
    “Aggressive and Flashy getting clobbered”
    “Stable and Uncle like surviving”

    The story is too close to reality for me to bear now. Can I have the book please??

  2. yeah i can ledn it to you for a couple of days will call you before coming by to give it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. if god was a banker !

    catchy title, ๐Ÿ™‚ how can a B school grad resist it ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi. ..”closet capitalism”…interesting term. Well, thanks for summing up my book. You have been quite fair and honest in your assessment. Am glad that you liked the book. My subsequent books are bereft of any sleaze. The second one – I Bought the Monk’s Ferrari is a book which is an answer to Robin Sharmas book and that leaves little scope for any sleaze… whereas my third (and second in the Fiction genre) is a book called Devil in Pinstripes …which will surely get a U certificate by sharmila tagore and her censor board. Look forward to your feedback on these books too.

    • Thanks for the comment sir! ๐Ÿ™‚
      … the stuff I write in the blog is usually a conglomeration of at least half a dozen opinions

      I personally believe its an excellent book

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