From Sprite to Traffic-cops to Automation

And there I was drinking the random chai from a road-side vendor when I noticed this oh-so-common yet thought provoking scene …

A police jeep takes a pit stop by a local cool drink dukhan (shop) . The main officer signals with a thumb-and-jerking motion from inside the jeep. And a boy comes running to give the police officer a sprite-bottle. The boy puts out his hand for the fare of the cool drink. The officer gives him a queer look. The shop keeper runs out apologetically takes the boy away, doing a “salaam saab” sorta gesture ….

The little shop keeper or his tinier boy could do nothing about it. Of course! There is the fear of the police ! But apart from that …the shop keeper might also be buying some good-will from the police officer considering he is the local circle inspector! It perhaps includes everything from subtle corruption from the shopkeeper’s side to security-exploited bullying from the C.I’s side.

The solution ? I am not talking of blaming the police. A sense of power soemtimes might overwhelm all humans. And God knows  how much he had to bribe his way to the police trainers so that he could sit someday in the inspector’s seat he occupies now.

I am not blaming the shopkeeper. In a fragmented world of chotu dukhaan (small shops) competition, it s always good to claim you are in the dosti category of the law-enforcement agency (police !! who else! )

SO the solution! Simple! Economic automatic  machines (vending machines)  in the small shops!Perhaps mass imlementation can be done by the govt. handing over such a project to the electronic companies…

Throw in coins and get out the sprite bottle. That way the officer  can’t explicitly ask the shop keeper to take out the latter’s own coins. That as I said is too explicit and hence, the C.I would use his own coins.

No one’s ego hurt. No temptations to power-abuse ! All happies  😛 ! Society a tad better 🙂 !

~Ghost Runner

8 responses to “From Sprite to Traffic-cops to Automation

  1. too optimistic … !!

  2. yeah right! what made you think that the CI will get down the jeep to take the drink from the automated vending machine at the first place? He, as you described, simply sits in the jeep, shows his thumbs up and the boy has to put his own coins to get the drink from the vending machine and the CI, like now, will give him a queer look and everything is back to normal 😛

  3. It is indeed a good effort to try and change the dynamics of economics, to change the psychology that builds it.

  4. 😀

  5. @ @nks: all ideas are supposed to have an optimistic base before declared 🙂

    @ rohith: well ! As I said its too explicit … so at least that possibility might reduce .. 🙂 of course what say does stand the chance of being true 🙂

    @ vinay: thanks
    @ dan: 🙂

  6. 🙂 nice idea dude..

  7. Now look who’s solving corruption in the country 😛 lol

  8. but kudos nonetheless 🙂

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