The secret of practical Creativity

“Contrary to what theory says, there is an open-secret generalization of creativity”, said the Oracle, “a best practice which folks in the fast paced modern world perfected in academics, industry,films,etc.”

“What ? Is it inspiration? Things like love or some other strong emotion?” asked good ol’ abbulugadu

“Naah! True creativity is knowing how to hide your resources!”


ps: 55 fiction  ! The first attempt … also inspired from a certain status message in my gtalk list 🙂

5 responses to “The secret of practical Creativity

  1. irrelevant comment: your hungarian friend met me in Budapest 😛

  2. really ? Who ? mail the details 🙂

  3. the guy who came to IIMC on exchange from sept to mar?

  4. Status message!! Would like to know that message, if it is not too private..

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