CAUTION: The following concoction is to be used only in the worst case condition when you are working, under the reporting boss’ scanning eye and yet, are overwhelmed by a ridiculously overpowering state of drowsiness (due to a heavy lunch, late nighter the previous evening, etc.,)


Ingredients: Hot water, sugar, salt, Ginger Tea packet


  1. Put the tea packet in the hot water. So you have your standard milkless tea ready which by itself is a powerful stimulant. Now for a devilish improvisation …
  2. Add a tea spoon of sugar (just to convince yourself that you are pampering yourself)
  3. Add 2 tea spoons of salt (the twist in the story!)

It will work! Apart from stimulating your nervous system, it brings in  an amazingly frustrating/annoying feeling that makes you forget sleep …

Duration of effective sleep-fighting state: ~15 hours / 60 ml cup of sleep-fighter!

Side effects: You might get so frustrated by the taste that you might want to punch th girl sitting next to you !!!



3 responses to “Sleep-fighter

  1. Bandar kya jane adrak ka swaad

  2. Nooooo please !!!
    Not another sweet-salted puking potion …
    Salt and sugar are NOT supposed to be mixed !
    yuck !!!!

  3. Drink more and u might need to shift your work station closer to the rest room, so that u don’t have to travel further whenever u feel nauseated due to the concoction u just had

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