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Of mouth watering, home-made, self-made stuff

When you cook the ratatouille + chicken + pasta for the main course and make the chocolate moose for dessert, you know you are doing good on the cooking front … 🙂ratatouille

Boiled chicken

and also, …

pasta (WIP)

The druid’s magic potion

For all those who know not of the Gaulish legends of yore,

You need to read up on Getafix

….    And so I decide to figure what the super-strength-giving magc potion of getafix would analogously metamorphosize into .And I come up with this …


Milk  ( doodh peeley bacche doodh peeley)

Mistletoe (like the old legend goes 🙂 …you get it at Big Bazaar)

Protein supplements ( new-age improvisation)




Mix it up in the exact sequence as listed above. Shake it up in a plastic container. But dont stir it !!! Malibu is alcholic so take care not to put in more than 10 ml for we don’t want to get anybody drunk (:P fingers crossed)

There you have your contraption.


A toast to Super human strength …or at least the perception of it  😀

The MUMBAIkarean saga Episode 2: When they stare ;)

DISCLAIMER: The fantastic discovery below is not to be misjudged as disrespect for the ladies 😛  It is strictly for the purpose of amusement. (fingers crossed 😀 )

Spotted on  a car-back in Mumbai …


The MUMBAIkarean saga Episode 1: Roger that !

The Sky lounge on top of the Magnet shopping mall in Bandra had two distinct sounds, the splitter-splatter of the Mumbai raIn and the shouts of the audience equally divided between Andy Roddick and Roger Federer.

Well! It was a match … a true tennis match.The first tennis match  I have ever really watched fully (of course the gung-ho mood of the crowd and the big theatre like screen only added to the overall of the experience)

Federer wins the Wimbledon finals,becomes world no.1 again, becomes a 15 time grand slam winner, an all-time great and re-affirms the myth that he is a parallel Universe (albeit Nadal, his greatest nemesis is somewhere tentatively  licking his fingers waiting to get fit and kick Fed’s a**)

However,what more can one ask for! When the decider-set to one of the most spectacular tennis climaxes goes 16-12 … en la fantasma!


ps: Truly worth bracing the rain and going all the way from Wadala to Bandra to watch it on the giant screen 🙂

The MUMBAIkaraean saga : Prelude

tchu es tres belle

Thats whatI was saying to aleast  half a dozen places (read hangouts) in Mumbai! Well to cut a long story short (which will be a long elaboration in the days to come, now that the runner has got his personal wi-fi  🙂 )

An in your face mass pychoanalysis of the city, my work and life itself coming up …

~Wifi in my room now , the runner’s back in blogdom …