The druid’s magic potion

For all those who know not of the Gaulish legends of yore,

You need to read up on Getafix

….    And so I decide to figure what the super-strength-giving magc potion of getafix would analogously metamorphosize into .And I come up with this …


Milk  ( doodh peeley bacche doodh peeley)

Mistletoe (like the old legend goes 🙂 …you get it at Big Bazaar)

Protein supplements ( new-age improvisation)




Mix it up in the exact sequence as listed above. Shake it up in a plastic container. But dont stir it !!! Malibu is alcholic so take care not to put in more than 10 ml for we don’t want to get anybody drunk (:P fingers crossed)

There you have your contraption.


A toast to Super human strength …or at least the perception of it  😀

6 responses to “The druid’s magic potion

  1. hmm.. no idea.. never tried a thing called mistletoe.. so u see…

  2. aha! Your pathetic potions huh ? 😛

    How do you even survive such contraptions ?

  3. If you are still alive and can read this and still retain ability to post; then I would appreciate a post on side-effects and aftermath observations of this mystic potion on your body 😉

  4. obelix’s comment

    roach and leech 😛

  5. @ bhanu: I think the telugu analogy would be aakkoora or thota koora 😛

    @ joka lad: As they say, Ju mappele Ghost 😉

    @Sukesh: sure sure still alive and post mortem analysis of this process coming up 🙂

    @ obelix and anonymous: 🙂

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