The MUMBAIkar saga Episode 4: Elephanta and the apian

Well Neither am I like, one of those boring old uncles, going to push myself to an avid description of the history of Elephanta island.

Nor am I going to bombard you with photos of ancient artistic sculptures, as if clicking those photos was equivalent in greatness to the chaps who actually created those sculptures.

I would simply present an incident which is almost stereotypical yet amusing at this place. (Elephanta islands , off the coast of Mumbai)

So there, I went to this place by a boat which was super slow and which shoke a lot. (During this queer little course I obviously, like all migraine-sufferers, worked myself into an almost  sea-imduced pukable-state )

When I finally arrived at the island, I found myself saved from the migraine and exhaustion by this nice lil’ ordinary bottle of maaza soft drink.

(Probably this kind of exaggerated messiah-status granting to a soft drink is a direct off-shoot of the uber hot Katrina Kaif endorsing this drink! WAIT !!! I think it was SLICE  and not Maaza which she was endorsing. But who cares ? Its all the same stuff anyway back to the narration)

So yes! There I was, happily having those nice little sips, taking a glance at the bottle after every sip to see and feel blissful that some of it is still left. And then it happened.

As I listend to the guide about the story of the Elepahanta caves, of the way the sadistic Portugese soldiers usied the sculptures as targets for shooting practice , of the effort going into the magnificent monolithic stone-work, …..

,,,this happened ….

Something slipped out of my hand. I looked in that direction and I saw this monkey running away so fast yet so stealthily, with my maaza bottle. Not the slightest of violent behavior, not the slightest of invasion of private property. Yet simple and subtle hand work, like those ninjas in kids’ cartoons.

Couldn’t help but get amused at my little loss 🙂

drinking monkey

drinking monkey

ps : One of my friends brought along a juice+vodka mixture in his bottle. I am sure it would have been funny had the monkey stolen that one 😉

4 responses to “The MUMBAIkar saga Episode 4: Elephanta and the apian

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  2. lol…

  3. lol!!
    and yes, if you are thinking of boobs of Katrina Kaif like the referenced pic, the contents of bottle doesn’t matter. Otherwise it does matter…

  4. katrina , bandar, caves , kuch bhi 😛

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