The MUMBAIkar saga Episode 5: Of Operas and fat women

DISCLAIMER : This is not a misogynistic post. But it rather indicates a silver lining 😛

Western Music Concert – Patricia Rozario
NCPA Tata TheatreMumbai

The previous Wednesday, the author goes to this Opera at the Tata theatre in NCPA. It made him wonder  why she was crying in the first place for so many hours. But well! The amused-mockery-urge got replaced by appreciation for her lung power that enabled all that high pitch singing she could pull off.

And so I came to a conclusion. Fat ladies who are all obese (well almost!) and filled with pure jelly-like cellulite have one benefit for their over-size. Probably their lungs have also grown to a big size owing to which their voice can reach such a high crescendo

Thus all the middle aged aunties need not worry about being over weight ,,,they can continue to stay like that and still earn respect. Just learn to perform opera


2 responses to “The MUMBAIkar saga Episode 5: Of Operas and fat women

  1. Knowing you that opera singer must have looked like catherine zeta jones 😉 Otherwise no point in you choosing to go to an opera 😀

  2. opera ? you ? lol

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