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The Zen master sez ….

Zen master:
To worry is to pay interest on damages that have never occurred.

Barney:Moron! Haven’t you ever heard of insurance ?

The MUMBAIkar saga Episode 6: Cabs and buses Widgets
Its cruel but is so part of life that you can just comfortably deny that it is something outworldly inhuman.

The author here is talking about the seemingly deep rooted jealousy of the bus drivers towards the cabbies.

The cabbies’ fare in Mumbai has gone through a hike recently, again. The cab drivers apparently earn more daily income.Because of this perception, you see bus drivers insanely honking their horns trying to psyche out cabbies. Also, they wouldn’t hesitate to slightly ram in the buses at the cabs from behind during traffic jams. Well! The author has no evidence, but its almost obvious to any third party witness.

A few moments ago, the author talked of higher income for the cab drivers. But it is not necessarily true. Think about it!

  1. The bus driver always gets passngers in his bus and the aggregate for a trip is roughly equal to a cab fare.
  2. Also, a cab driver has such a relatively lower possibility of getting passengers esp. in India where people are quite finicky about spending money when cheaper alternatives are available.
  3. And of course, the cabbie has to pay a lease fee to the cab owner or invest a big amont ino buying his own cab

So, life is not easy for them and it doesn’t make sense for the bus drivers to pick on the cab drivers just to satisfy their hurt egos in some way.If only some folks used their brains. 😐