The Zen master sez ….

Zen master:
To worry is to pay interest on damages that have never occurred.

Barney:Moron! Haven’t you ever heard of insurance ?

9 responses to “The Zen master sez ….

  1. Ha ha ha ha !! Nice… 🙂

  2. It took me bloody one complete minute to understand it after reading it.!!
    Is there a term called financeeky (like geeky for technical)?

  3. just trying to be subtly smug arent you 😛

  4. Good one… turning eyes inwards!!

  5. Man ! Your posts are becoming very ‘nuclear core’ in nature, small and lazy in content, but cruel and impactful in effect.

  6. haha zen master ki $%*T%*$$%^*^%

  7. b log c**** ! blog !

    Many already say you are getting older! 😐

  8. good one….

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