Blue skies and seas

Blue! Arguably India’s most expensive Bollywood movie to date, is just another Kambhakt Ishq with action thrown in.  Tons of flamboyance, all the dude dom in the world, white-goatee sporting Akshay Kumar, obese Sanjay Dutt, stuttering Zayed Khan,  sleazy super-bimbo Lara Dutta, hyper-squeaking Rahul Dev and absolutely mediocre movie quality.

The plot

As far as the story is concerned its a treasure hunt and the reasons &  mysteries behind it.

The action

Most of the more expensive action sequences, adventure scenes are in no way related to the story line.

The characters

The first half dwells too much on the build up. For instance, Aarav aka Sarkar (Akshay Kumar) ‘s lavish, flamboyant life style and his playboy image ( this trait of AK has been drained dry in almost all of his recent movies). Or Zayed Khan trying to do a fast and furious in his introduction.He does a decent  job but compared to the originals like Vin Diesel, he comes across as a a little, pansy, nipple-sucking infant! Then there’s a face-off inspired scene between Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt where they are in a ‘friendly’ boxing match.

Lara Dutta is wasted in a role which just calls for her to wear a bikini and show off her figure.  Of course, going by the popular perception of her acting prowess, she wouldn’t be able to do anything else anyway.

Zayed Khan, Rahul Dev (who sounds like a super mutated squirrel in the movie), Katrina Kaif are just there ! I mean just there to create a false feeling  that the director is adding value to a useless story line.

The faux pas

Hmm…talking of Sanjay Dutt, that brings  the author to  be a little cruel …

  1. He looks like Lara Dutta’s grandfather. Had to prevent myself from puking when the supposedly titillating duet  between Lara Dutta and Sanjay Dutt came up.
  2. Fine ! There are older actors like Salman Khan too who prance around with pretty young things. But at  least, the likes of Salman Khan look like actions heroes with all those muscles et al. Sanjay Dutt looks like an old boob-job with a paunch too evident not to notice 😦 . Totally out of place for this movie.
  3. Look at the poster below … need someone explicitly explain why Sanjay Dutt is turning the other way??  To hide his paunch of course

Of course Sanjay Dutt’s acting is good any day. But an action pop-corn fare that relies more on the action sequences, with little scope for showing acting skills …. doesn’t exactly call for an old man (who looks too tired to even talk)  do super man stuff!


Faux pas …geographic

According to the initial plot, the treasure was supposed to be shipped from UK to India.Thanks to a storm it gets lost in the Bahamas (the Carri bean) . Now! How the heck did it get washed away to the other side of the world.

The shipping route from UK to India is across the Mediterranean which is thousands of miles away from the carribean, Well ! Just because the Bahamas make for a cool tourist location for film shooting ? Idiots!


All in all, go watch it if its being screened in an IMAX screen thats not too far away from home. And only if you just want a partial-kick experience at times of absolute fursat (boredom). But if you miss it, you wouldn’t really be missing something worthwhile.

7 responses to “Blue skies and seas

  1. Nice one 🙂 I think the cost of the movie is in direct proportion to its pathetic-ness quotient!

  2. Actually, you have been pretty harsh on the film. Frankly, the likes of SRK has been coming up with such trash for decades yet people appreciate him.


    because he has pimps in the media who tell us that his films are ALL “Citizen Kane”. And all reviews, private or public are swayed by that.

    Dude, with due regards, the media has been trashing this movie (and all other movies of SRK rivals – mainly Salman and Akki) for the last many years. Bhool Bhulaiyya to Wanted, each movie was trashed.

    I wonder why you went to see the movie in the first place.

    Perhaps you should have stuck to “Wake up Sid”, a pathetic DCH and Lakshya copy, if at all you had to stick to Bollywood

  3. @ amit 🙂

    @ kaushik:

    Saha saab! You should read the post again before always giving in to your Leninistic ‘gamand’ 😛

    I am not being deliberately harsh. It was pretty obv that the director got confused between making. an exploratory movie and a hardcore commercial cinema (similar to ‘chandini chowk to china’) Even if its commercialization, do it completely !

    “Dude, with due regards, the media has been trashing this movie”
    The most expensive and the most hyped movie in recent times, is expected to be a little better . Contrary to what you said, in the end, people think its bad because it was over hyped thus raising the expectations too high ….

    “because he has pimps in the media who tell us that his films are ALL “Citizen Kane”.

    Boss ! Super-sick ones of SRK’s like asoka, kabhi alvida na kehna, PBDHH have been raped by the media.

    Akki’s “Singh is Kingg” had awesome reviews dude !!!!

    Yeah right! Saha saab seems to conduct pimp interviews part time 😛


    “I wonder why you went to see the movie in the first place.”

    I saw it because of the hype, with high expectations and also because I am an AK fan. (same like most others) I didn’t enjoy the movie and thats it (again like most others)

  4. @ kaushik and baba

    See! Thats the problem with fans! You end up expecting too much.

    You should go with an open unbiased mind to a movie 🙂

    Agreed its bad but so are many other movie these days

  5. zyada bhi bura nahin tha 😐 ok yeah not upto the hype though

  6. a piece of trivia … salman khan is just 5 years younger to Sanjay Dutt …

    Both of’em have a weird body now … as per me ..

  7. Sallu at least looks menacing with his muscles and 6-pack (ref: climax of ‘wanted’)

    But, Sanju baba right now has a paunch bigger than the VLSI lecturer at IIIT and walks with a hunched back (not to mention he is forgetting how to act ..perhaps a case of cerebral paralysis with age)

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