2010: Gott weiss ich will kein Engel sein

Okay ! That title is  just a steal from Rammstein’s Engel

How many of you would believe in astrology or fore casting or sooth sayers ? Well ! The author doesn’t want to hear an answer. If you are an Indian 20-something , you would effortlessly call it all crap . But yet would be conveniently  part of a social system that makes things like future-seeing, et al a distinct part of social transactional decisions such as marriage, career etc.

This thing … astrology! It might be a case of the stars and their positions. It might actually be a viable science. But then how do the stars determine the future! Even if its true, even if sages of epic Indian myths could forsee the future, I am pretty sure that such a prophecy making science is n’t mastered by the average jyotish / soothsayer who sits in say Chandana brothers in Hyderabad, or the guy who sits wearing a stinking century old lungi in Old City with a bloody parrot which picks up cards.

Okay so much for my defensive act. Now the real deal !!! According to my life-chart, 2010 is supposedly  the darkest year of the author’s life so far. The year that my mother has been dreading since the last 3 years. All this stems from a certain bearded moron who predicted that I would be majorly screwed in 2010. Now I would say “What amazingly ridiculous mother-f***in monkey crap”

But imagine a person being regularly subjected to the  complete weight of  the constantly badgering encores of the prophecy  that predicts  one’s doom! Can’t help but think of being careful !

Anyway Hello 2010!  I am really sorry about all these future-seeing mumbo jumbo that try to insult the hands of fate by making it all sound so predictable . But in case the bull shit is true  …  duh !er !hum ! ..well ! Bring it on bitch! Daddy’s waiting   😛

~Ghost Runner

14 responses to “2010: Gott weiss ich will kein Engel sein

  1. Em sir, 2010 lo marriage plans aa enti? 😉 😛 😀

  2. ledu rakesh … jyotishudu edo pedda gandam prediction chesadu 2010 lo 😛

  3. Ayithey marriage ye anamata 😀

    …badram be careful brotheru…bharatga maraku bacheloruu…

  4. joke lu baaga improve ayyayi le meevi…. 😉

  5. haha ! Dude ! did u get into a fight with mumbai mafia or something after getting terribly hyper on new year’s eve ?

  6. @ ghost runner

    whats with all the non-funny posts of late ?

  7. where are thou, o crazy ghost ? :p

    no blogs in 2010 ?

  8. did u retire from blogging … ??

  9. in hibernation mode owing to abundance of universal mediocrity 😛 in life at the moment

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