Of dogs and dowries

Good news! So I decided to buy a nice litle beagle

The bad news derives itself from the fact that I am somehow reminded of the zero sum game

esp. in the solidly rooted Indian society

You see its like this  … if you have a female dog , a most economic and convenient way of adopting its baby (when your dog gets old and should be replaced) is to place an ad/ check classifieds for a domestic male dog of the same race who would  …help it breed … purely  (and in a rather safer way as compared to your dog pro creating with say  … a street dog) !! You would also be ready to pay for it ….

That sets the author wondering … about the dowry system in India .  It all sounds the  same actually.

Particularly in the south , in the author`s nice little state of A.P … dowries are big time. To ensure that their girl childs get pure-race (sorry! I mean … same community ) breeding partners ( sorry! I mean … loving husbands) . For the purpose of breeding safe ( sorry ! for having a good matrimonial life)§. They are willing  to fix a ransom (sorry ! I mean … the traditional and magnificent dowry package)

Voila! Its heartening to see both men and dogs get paid for sperm :p Its heartening to see that dogs and some Indian communities have evolved into a synchronized state of  buyers` market.

~Ghost Runner

ps: Sound the trumpets …. the ghost is back  !!

ps1 : The prophecy of the last post didnt kill me yet … 6 months into 2010 …as alive and kicking  as a beagle 😉

8 responses to “Of dogs and dowries

  1. I love beagles. I am going to buy one instead of a wife.

  2. lol as crazy as ever

    but good shit bro

  3. @ ghost runner:
    the sarcastic return to blogdom ? 😉 social malice finds its match in your malice I guess . lol

  4. so what is your stance on the dowry system . Its like everybody`s (the male side) favourite part of the indian wedding

    • This is my sarcasm … but I dont really have any rebellious or prescriptive stance towards this …

      I mean, if a guy wants to smoke (and eventually kill himself) , there is no moral that has the right to stop him

      Same goes for those who practice dowry

  5. Unapologetically smart-ass as ever. With attitudes such as this one, I hope someday we’re all gonna have many more options 😀

    • 😀 its more of a comical analogy than a revolution … I wouldn’t really spare the time to care if the dog’s tail (sorry! I mean the social system) straightens up or not

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